1:04 pm - 05/05/2019

BTS "Dionysus" Dance Practice


gigabytexx 8th-May-2019 07:39 pm (UTC)
I think it happened that all of the member's chemistry are also matched with each other, I kind of linked it with like, for example cooking, if you're cooking with someone you dont like then eventhough you're a great cook the dish will not be great. If you keep quarreling with each other during cooking process then usually the food is a mess lol (i've watched a lot of cooking shows)

Also the intensity of their content. Tbh I feel like they never really rest this 6 years, they're always consistent in putting out stuff. I remember when I stan Exo, the gap between their debut single MAMA to Wolf as their first comeback was more than a year and I think it was too long because in between they split the groups to promote in Korea & China, then some members did dramas etc. While Bts is really focusing on music & group activities, also the varieties they're doing... it keeps me going. I would usually get bored with a group in less than a year bec they're often doing a comeback & promoting for 2-3 months and then idk what they're doing, while with Bts somehow I always know what they're doing lmao. Even when they're on tour, thanks to fansites I always get exciting updates.

Anyway there's a nasty withchunt towards fansites going on in the US and many are reportedly become REST, and I'm mad because now there will be less updates about dem bois T_T
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