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Because MBlaq members can't stop kissing people...

 2AM JinWoon’s “surprise” kiss with MBLAQ Mir!

2AM Jeong Jinwoon and MBLAQ Mir have exchanged an electrifying kiss on the snow.

2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon and MBLAQ’s Mir laid out a kiss scene in SBS E!TV ‘Idol Maknae Rebellion’ together with the 1991 line friends, SHINee KEY and Beast Son Dongwun.

In ‘IMR’, there has been a battle over MBLAQ Mir, with Mir headbutting against Jinwun.

After a fierce fight, Mir pushed Jinwun aside, but as Jinwun ran toward him, calling him out for a duel, he slipped in the snowy ground, kissing Mir.

As Mir came back having been wasted by Jinwun, MBLAQ who wanted to keep their maknae safe is starting a battle with ‘IMR’ members who recruited Mir. With that concept, the show started with MBLAQ and ‘IMR’ continued with search ranking battle, the balloon popping of horrors, swine flue battle, knee wrestling, drag queen battle.

January 9th 10pm broadcast.

SOURCES: Soompi (pinktea) translated by AsteriskRolled@abm from article at Newsen; Pic 1 (AKP), Pic 2 (GossipCity)

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LOL @ "Drag queen battle"
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