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BTS chillin' in L.A.

Following their two sold-out shows at the Rose Bowl, BTS members have the rest of the week free. Here's how they've been spending their time off so far:

RM did his art hoe thing and went to a museum with contemporary sculptures (whose following count, like trippled after the photo was posted)

J-hope also spent his day happily immersed in art. He also got belated well-wishes from the law offices of Ari Friedman due to some unnitentional promotion from a selfie he posted ealier in the week

Suga went to see Endgame and caught his song playing on the radio (to the station's delight)

Jungkook, the overachiever, was stage-side at Ariana Grande's concert, got a selfie (that she also put as her lockscreen, as shown in her story), and did a crazy workout that included him doing a 13-rep arm press of about 45kg on each side. Ryan Reynolds liked it and now they're mutuals.


Jin went to Six Flags and got a Looney Tunes shoutout for his Bugs Bunny hoodie.

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no sign of jimin or v. what do you think they could be up to?
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