3:52 pm - 05/07/2019

Lee Min-ho to star in Kim Eun-sook's new TV drama


Top actor Lee Min-ho will star in a new drama penned by star writer Kim Eun-sook, the production company said Tuesday.

The romantic fantasy drama, tentatively titled "The King: Permanent Monarch," is set in a "parallel universe." Lee plays imaginary Korean Emperor Lee Gon, who attempts to separate "reality" from the "parallel world."

"This is the second time Lee has teamed with Kim," the company said. "Viewers will discover the mature sides of the actor through the upcoming TV series."

Lee, 32, featured in Kim's hit soap opera "The Heirs" in 2013 with Park Shin-hye and Kim Woo-bin.

The premiere date and other cast members for "The King: Permanent Monarch" are not yet known, but shooting will begin this year.

Lee shot to fame thanks to TV series "Boys Over Flowers" in 2009 and has appeared in several shows including "Personal Taste" in 2010 and "City Hunter" in 2011. He returned to civilian life in February after compulsory military service.

Kim wrote the drama "Descendants of the Sun (2016)" and "Mr. Sunshine (2018)."

source: The Korea Times
honeebs 8th-May-2019 03:21 am (UTC)
aures 8th-May-2019 10:27 am (UTC)
so no high school costume this time around?
keytfelt 10th-May-2019 12:17 am (UTC)
I have a lot higher tolerance for LMH than most people but I've tried with this writer multiple times and I just do not like her dramas. I can't say that I won't watch though and I hate myself for that.
modestgoddess79 10th-May-2019 02:05 am (UTC)
Mr. Sunshine was really good, she should stick to historicals.
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