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Run BTS! Ep 69 & 70: BTS in 🇨🇦Niagara Falls and Toronto🇨🇦 + BlogTO Article

Episode 69
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BlogTO: K-pop group BTS spotted eating in a Korean restaurant in Toronto

BTS just released a video of themselves exploring Ontario, and apparently the band really liked the honey garlic pizza from a Korean restaurant in Toronto (meaning you, a BTS fan, now also like honey garlic pizza).

A new video from the K-pop megastars was released on the streaming site V Live this morning, showing the seven-member band traipsing around town a few days before their Hamilton concert last year.

The 32-minute video showed the band exploring Niagara Falls before heading to the Korean restaurant Ssangkye Braised Chicken House on Steeles.

According to Ssangkye's owner, Noah Yoo, he had no idea that the biggest band in the Korean pop world would be dropping by his restaurant.

"One guy called [that day] and booked a table for 35 people," says Yoo. "I thought, 'Probably some Korean group travellers are coming."

"But when they arrived in the plaza, I realized it was Korean idols that were coming."

The band stayed for about two hours, and as you can see in the later part of the V Live video, spent their time eating chicken, fighting over the last slice of honey garlic pizza, making fun of V, and talking about pancake batter.

"They ate a lot," says Yoo, who remembers the band ordering enough for about 12 people.

You also probably knew this already, but according to Yoo, the BTS boys were a pretty cool bunch of dudes.

"Usually [K-pop stars] know they are famous...most of them are not really acting good...but these guys, they were really nice."

Episode 70
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Click the picture or here to watch on vlive.

Source: BTS vlive channel 1, 2, BlogTO
gif source: sin-taehyung on tumblr

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