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Plastic surgeon talks about most sought-after faces

K-pop idol stars Irene, Yoona and Jennie have the most desirable faces, a plastic surgeon said Tuesday.

Appearing on MBC every1's talk show "Video Star," surgeon Kim Jong-myung said a legion of his clients want to look like the trio.

"Irene from Red Velvet is the No. 1, with Yoona of Girls' Generation and BLACKPINK's Jennie second and third, respectively," Kim said. "Irene boasts a face with clear-cut features and Yoona is the all-time beauty. Jennie has a unique aura."

He said actresses Song Hye-kyo, Kim Tae-hee, Han Ye-seul and Shin Min-a were popular among his clients in the past.

"I only recommend cosmetic surgery when people want to make up for their 'deficiencies,'" he said. "But health should be prioritized over the surgery."

Kim is the older brother of singer Kim Jong-kook and runs a plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul.

source: The Korea Times
Tags: blackpink, plastic surgery, red velvet, yoona
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