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Kim Jong Kook comeback on the 15th

Singer Kim Jong Kook will be making his comeback next week with the unveiling of his upcoming album’s title track Don’t Be Good To Me.

The song will once again be a ballad and tackle the sorrows of love with a soft melody and the blending of his vocals and a melancholy piano sound. This will be his first album in over a year since his last one in the fall/winter of 2008. Kim Jong Kook commented on the song saying, “The songs feels like an outfit that fits me well.”

Don’t Be Good To Me will be released online on the 15th whereas his full 6th album drops on the 27th. But before this, Kim Jong Kook will be wrapping up filming for Happy Sunday and Family Outing on the 11th and 12th.

Source: allkpop
FREAKING EXCITED OMG HAN NAMJA *-* I'm so excited that I could cry :')
Tags: comebacks, kim jong kook
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