4:12 pm - 05/09/2019

"One Spring Night" Official Teaser #1

One Spring Night is a story of two people whose uneventful lives become shaken by unexpected love, leading them to seek what their hearts truly desire, instead of being fixated on faith. Lee Jeong-in, played by Han Ji-min who is well known for her leading roles in Yi San, Familiar Wife and The Light in Your Eyes, is a librarian who knows how to appreciate the small things in life. Jung Hae-in, whom Netflix fans fell in love with for his role in Something in the Rain, plays Yu Ji-ho, a well-mannered pharmacist who tends not to hesitate when it comes to love.

The series is directed by Ahn Pan Suk who is known for his realistic storytelling of love and emotions in such television dramas as Behind the White Tower and Secret Affair. For One Spring Night, Ahn has collaborated once again with writer Kim Eun whom he worked together for the mega-hit drama Something in the Rain.

One Spring Night will launch two episodes weekly in Asia and most English-speaking territories from May 22, one hour after its television broadcast in Korea. In the U.S., Mexico, Norway and Japan, all episodes will be released on July 12, while in the rest of the world, two episodes will be on the service weekly from June 1.

Coming May 22 on Netflix.

source: The Swoon & broadwayworld
keytfelt 10th-May-2019 12:11 am (UTC)
You can def tell this is the same writer/PD as Pretty Noona, I hope this has a better story. Jung Hae In is playing a single dad, love it. I'm just really hoping this is nice and not boring.

I'm annoyed that this has a dumb release schedule for the US, I thought with Abyss showing up right after it aired in Korea that they were finally realizing that people want to watch while it's airing, but I guess not.
sweetestbliss1 10th-May-2019 01:34 pm (UTC)
That trailer.....was not intriguing at all. LOL. And omg that music....just like Something in the Rain. It gives me nightmares. The plot of this sounds really boring, and I am not sure about Han Ji Min. Is it just me or does it she seem like she never really has much chemistry with her male co-stars? Or maybe romance dramas are just not for her. IDK
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