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14U Reportedly Disbands After Most Members Terminate Contracts With Agency

14U has reportedly disbanded. On May 10, it was reported that following the groups concerts in Japan from February to April, 13 out of 14 members terminated their contracts with agency BGent after returning to Korea in April.

According to the reports, the members who have terminated their contracts have left the dorms and will be going their separate ways. A source stated, “The members who have left are said to be feeling apologetic to fans for the hurt this will cause, so they have not been able to speak up about it. Instead, they seem to be sharing updates on social media that they’re on vacation.”

The reports also state there may be various reasons behind the disbandment. It is being said that the members who terminated their contract believe the agency was showing favoritism and was therefore causing conflict between the members due to discriminatory treatment. However, the agency is said to be denying such allegations and believes the members came together and planned for the group to disband.

14U made their debut in July 2017 with “WV” and their most recent release was last year’s “NEWS.” After wrapping up promotional activities in Korea, they flew to Japan and met with approximately 6,000 fans across 20 performances.

The group was originally announced for the lineup of KCON 2019 Japan, which will be held from May 17 to 19. However, in April, KCON 2019 Japan announced that 14U would not be attending the event, stating “artists’ circumstances” as a reasoning for the cancellation.

BGent has yet to release an official statement addressing the reports, so be on the lookout for more updates!

source:@soompi, soompi, naver

That one member who didn't terminate:
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