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Take a virtual date with Apink's Son Na-eun


If you are a fan of K-pop star Son Na-eun from Apink, then you have something to look forward to ― and a good reason to optimize your smartphone to support virtual reality.

Korean VR contents developer Twotokki on Friday released screenshots of "Son Na-eun VR Star Date," a three-dimensional dating simulation drama offering users a chance to hook up with the girl band star one-on-one from a first person viewpoint.

Dedicated to LG Uplus users who subscribed to its 5G service U+VR, the dating video has six chapters, with screenshots from the first four introduced as of Friday.

The drama puts user into the shoes of Son's longtime friend from the same neighborhood. Son, portrayed as the same celebrity from reality, visits the user's home after telling her agency in the first chapter that she was sick. They then go to a park for picnic in the next chapter until they are wary of people's attention and leave.

In the following chapter, Son is in a clothing store, showing off different outfits to the user. The fourth chapter shows the user on a Ferris wheel with Son, who spills some of her secrets.

Twotokki told The Korea Times that in the final two chapters the user will see Son sitting at a bar and sharing her various concerns. Then, in front of her home, she and the user become a couple.

President Kima Kim of Vision VR, which runs Twotokki, said the VR dating content would be "the never-before-experienced gift for fans who have only dreamed of meeting the celebrity."

The company added, "We are currently making other scenarios with different celebrities."

Last September, Twotokki released a VR interactive drama series "HANA Type B" featuring Mariya Nagao, a former member of Japanese girl band AKB48. The company claimed then that the series was the world's first VR drama. The firm's other previous VR content includes a musical gig by K-pop girl band Saturday.

source: The Korea Times
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