4:22 pm - 05/15/2019

BTS Perform on Good Morning America Summer Concert Series

BTS headlined the Summer Concert Series on Good Morning America in the early morning hours in Central Park in front of a sold-out crowd of about 4,000 fans who were lucky enough to snag a free ticket. After a short interview, the group performed their newest hit song "Boy With Luv" and "Fire", an older fan favourite.

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Negl, I screamed when they did the whole Fire choreography!
izumichan31 17th-May-2019 07:05 am (UTC)
Eh.. Lyrically it's pretty much the opposite of BWL so it wouldn't really make much sense to perfom Danger along side it in a promotional sense.

On another note, they obviously wanted a more hype song which Danger really isn't. Fire is definitely more of a fan favorite than Danger is despite that random charting. If they hadn't done Fire they more than likely would have gone with Mic Drop again.

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