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"Voice 3" & "Save Me 2" start off strong

Two popular TV thrillers "Voice" and "Save Me," which returned with new seasons last week, both kicked off with good starts. They succeeded in garnering high ratings and attention from drama fans with their first two episodes.

OCN's weekend crime thriller "Voice 3," tells the story of a 112 emergency call center and its dispatch team, and the cable network's Wed-Thurs drama series "Save Me 2," features a religious cult. The dramas were ranked sixth and seventh, respectively, in last week's Content Power Index rankings, released by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea. The index reveals TV shows' overall popularity and influence based on searches and social media buzz.

"Voice 3," starring Lee Ha-na as a policewoman gifted with perfect hearing analysis skills, and Lee Jin-wook, as her team leader, came back to the small screen just eight months after its second season.

The new season's first episode, where two young female tourists were lured to hotel run by a hammer wielding psychopath in Japan, didn't fail the drama fans with its fast paced, adrenaline pumping scenes. The first two episodes signal that upcoming episodes will revolve around the crime cartel called Black Collection and their collusion with high-ranking police officials, the rich and powerful. The cable drama garnered 5 percent of viewership ratings.

Its first season, aired in 2017, exited with an average 5.7 percent viewership, with a peak viewership of 6.3 percent. "Voice 2" made the network's record with its last episode's peak viewership posted at 7.1 percent.

"Save Me 2," which broadcast its first season in 2017, has been also off to a good start. Like its first season, the new season revolves around a religious cult, but it came back with a whole new cast.

If the first season's cult leader, played by actor Cho Seong-ha, was the villain, the new season's villain, played by Chun Ho-jin, is more cunning and beguiling. Veteran actor Chun plays a two-faced church elder, who tries to build a new church in a little rural town, doomed to be submerged due to the construction of a dam. The new series debuted with a 1.4 percent viewership rating.

source: The Korea Times
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