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U-KISS’s Agency Announces Departure Of Eli And Kiseop

Two members have parted ways with U-KISS and their agency.

On May 16, nhemg announced, “The exclusive contracts of U-KISS members Eli and Kiseop with nhemg have expired, and the exclusive contracts with the Japanese agency Avex have also expired. Eli and Kiseop, who have been promoting as U-KISS members for a long time, discussed with the agency for a long time and decided not to renew their contracts.”

The agency added, “Of the U-KISS members who have time remaining in their contracts, Soohyun and Hoon enlisted in the Army and Marine Corps, respectively, and are fulfilling their military duties, while the youngest Jun will continue promoting with solo activities and as an actor through musicals and dramas.”

“We express sincere gratitude to the many fans who have given love and support to U-KISS for a long time, and we are sincerely cheering on Eli and Kiseop for their days ahead,” the statement concludes.

Eli debuted as an original member of U-KISS in 2008, while Kiseop joined the group in 2009.

Wishing Eli and Kiseop all the best!

Source: Naver via Soompi, @soompi
Tags: member changes, u-kiss
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