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Tiffany - Mi Young's Diary, Chapter 1: Lips On Lips

Mi Young’s Diary, Chapter 1: Lips On Lips, premiering on NME.com, is a half-hour documentary where she transports you into this often emotional, new chapter of her life and music. “It was really important for me to be open. It’s a way to frame my work in a way that I hadn’t done before,” she says. “The focus is to show who I want to become and who I’m becoming. I want to constantly grow and give back. And become a global pop diva as well,” she adds, laughing.

"Throughout my career as a Korean-American living between Korea and in the US, there have been times where I felt culturally misunderstood lost, and alone. The focus on self-love, unconditional love, acceptance, freedom of expression, and hope are a few of the uplifting themes the LGBTQ community have continuosly inspired me with."

sources: Tiffany Young yt, nme.com
Tags: girls generation, tiffany
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