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f(x) Sulli, Days when she was 'drinking' Soju? 'Punch Lady' coming back alive.

The movie f(x)'s Sulli starred in Punch Lady, is becoming a hot topic again.

In 2007, Sulli appeared in the movie Punch Lady starring Do Jiwon. Sulli played the role of 'Choi Sulli', the daughter of the main character (Do Jiwon), showing a lot of charisma in the movie.

Recently, netizens has pulled the image of Sulli drinking soju (Korean alcohol) back up. It's showing a completely different side of Sulli, comparing to the cute eye-smile Sulli who's getting alot of love promoting Chu~.

Netizens said 'Back then she still had alot of charisma' 'She's different then the child stars that act although they suck.' 'She's still the same now as she was back then.' showing that Sulli is full of Charisma.

Sulli also appeared in SBS's drama Seo Dongyo in 2005 before f(x)'s debut.

On the other hand, f(x) is currently busy promoting Chu~. Chu~ has very lively dance moves, and because of Victoria's tumbling, you can feel f(x)'s unique charms.

Source: Newsen
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credits: Affxtion
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