1:12 pm - 05/17/2019

Lovelyz "Once Upon A Time" album teaser & "Beautiful Days" MV teaser

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dior_chic 18th-May-2019 01:41 pm (UTC)
The title track sounds nice but kinda stale? Maybe I’ll change my mind when I hear the full track but it sounds like it’ll be a typical Lovelyz song.

Close To You sounds great, I feel like if that was chosen for title track it would still fit the group’s brand but also bring some progression Lovelyz needs
lizanka23 18th-May-2019 04:56 pm (UTC)
i agree. all the songs seem to blend into one in the mini preview. maybe they'll sound more distinctive in their full versions but that's kinda why i can't get into lovelyz music usually. it's missing that oomph and variety that oh my girl or gfriend have
dior_chic 18th-May-2019 05:04 pm (UTC)
I like a lot of their songs, but they’re not a group I get super excited for their releases - like you said, theyre missing oomph. I still really enjoy them but they’ve been around since 2014? It’s time for something new or elevated at least. I wanted Twice to progress in concept, and Lovelyz is no different. They can go the Gfriend route, I think their last two singles still their brand but are quite mature.
lizanka23 18th-May-2019 08:57 pm (UTC)
yeah i agree twice did not evolve enough for me this comeback although i do enjoy all their b-side tracks. the mv and outfits did but i feel like their title track sounded like it was a mix of a more mature sound and their old sound and that made it sound too disjointed as a result. gfriend and apink i think are successful transitions into a more mature sound. oh my girl also has a lovely and princess image but they've always been more experimental to me in sound so that keeps it interesting. lovelyz songs i don't know. i'll wait for the full version of the songs and mv to come out

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