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Crayon Pop's Way Answers Questions about Music Shows, Sponsors, Dating, EXO, BTS, and Wages

Summary of video:

  • At the end of music shows, idols have to line up to greet the producers and staff. Line up order is based on debut date and company. Even though Crayon Pop debuted earlier than other groups, they were near the back of the line because they came from a small company.

  • Music shows give you better waiting rooms if you've been in the industry longer. When Crayon Pop first debuted, they were put in one room with other groups and the room was separated by dividers.  You had to carry a floor mat to sit on. People who were in the industry longer get waiting rooms with a TV and even beds. Way liked Music Core because Music Core had a waiting room for everyone.

  • Some trainees are hurt and quit companies if they were offered a sponsorship. Way has never been offered a sponsorship.

  • Way took painkillers and birth control pills when she was on her period during promotions and important schedules.

  • ISAC was not necessarily a place for dating, but during breaks, you could see who was closer with whom. It happens more on social media, idols send each other DMs on facebook, instagram, Kakotalk, etc. if they’re interested. Way said it never happened to her.

  • There were a lot of people who looked down on Crayon Pop behind the scenes, treated them as invisible when Crayon Pop greeted them, didn’t even respond.

  • There was a famous person who just slept in the waiting room whose breath smelled strongly of alcohol

  • Crayon Pop exchanged CDs with EXO when they were performing at Music Bank. Way thought EXO were very active/outgoing and full of energy. Even though EXO debuted earlier, they signed, “Crayon Pop sunbae-nim your music is so good” in polite language on their CD.

  • BTS used the same shop as Crayon Pop. Some members always practiced Japanese even when getting their hair and make-up done. Way thought they were diligent.

  • After group breaks even of debut debts, her company got 60% of profits and the artist got 40%. The 40% was divided among the members.

  • Way said the uncertainty was the hardest part of being an idol. The uncertainty of how much you were receiving for doing something, how things were being taken care of. All schedules were decided by the company, there was an anxiety to waiting for the company's decision for everything.

  • Wants to release an album and perform again, but doesn’t want to go back to being an idol.

  • Advice to current trainees: The trainee period is the hardest time because of uncertainty of debut. Passion is not enough, have to practice. From the company’s POV, the trainee is nothing, some companies are rude to trainees, so you have to think of your dream when that happens. Don’t be swayed by other people’s words and have faith in yourself, and you will do well in the end.

Source: WayLand
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