8:53 pm - 05/22/2019


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Some timestamps:

3:50 Kim Sang-Joon introduces himself and GOT7 and then they introduce themselves and Sang-Joon and this whole part takes way too long imo

10:30 Jinyoung briefly talks about He Is Psychometric and then they talk about Sang-Joon's show (JB is a big fan apparently lol)

12:00 cue the part where Sang-Joon talks about his love for dad jokes, and proceeds to make several of those hereafter (what is going on lol?? GOT7 is living for it tho, so there's that)

17:45 the actual start of the show lol (Jackson talked about what their "come and get it" greeting means)

23:25 they talk about each member's "guardian planets" from astrology(?) and what they mean (as a part of the "eclipse" theme) how cool would've astrology been as a part of this cb but not then

34:00 first game!

40:40 they play a video of them meeting for the first time and some bts

44:00 the serious talk starts with their album (what does the album title mean and how the meaning is reflected in the album)

53:00 each song is introduced (album divided into two halves, first 3 songs are about darkness/anxiety, second half is about the light side)

01:09:00 what kind of artist/person does GOT7 want to be in the future?

Source: GOT7 / gif

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." - Kim Sang-Joon

What do you think about this veteran actor being the host in this talk? I guess it kinda worked at the serious parts of it (tho GOT7 seemed to find him absolutely hilarious as well, who knew dad jokes could be so successful lol?)

yuujinchous 22nd-May-2019 08:14 pm (UTC)
kim sangjoon, from what i've seen of him, seems like a very cool, actually chill but super attention-demanding person, like in the way he talks and presents himself! it's honestly amazing. that said, i don't think got7 needed him for this live talk at all. i'm still not sure what exactly the point of him being there was. but like, i'm not upset or anything, it's a different kind of format for a sort of showcase that they've now tried out and i'm always here for got7 doing new things! it's just, he is /such/ a sunbae that you could really see some of them sometimes hesitating to talk or choosing not to make a joke that they would have made had kim sangjoon not been there. it was a little awkward to watch sometimes. throughout, i felt like the focus was a little bit too much on him? and he is such a wordy person it seems so whenever he started speaking, it would go on for at least a minute or two which is just. you know, that's all time taken away from got7 getting a chance to speak. lmao but some of the stuff he said was very very precious and meaningful and i'm glad got7 got to hear all that from a man like kim sangjoon.

all that aside, it was absolutely and totally hilarious how got7 sometimes didn't know how to react to what he said. like they were never sure if he was being serious or not (i couldn't tell either) so they were like.. hah.... ha? and then kim sangjoon continued and they understood he was trying to be funny so they just burst into laughter lmfaoo. i love how good this man is at playing got7!!! every time got7 managed to make him laugh they were sooo pleased omg you could totally tell. very star-struck :')

anyway yeah. a new experience for all of us! i was just a little sad at how little they got to talk about the actual album. i guess some of it had to do with kim sangjoon being there but yeah. they just kind of rushed through all that lmao. and we didn't even get a live performance which i was expecting sooooo much. but that's just stuff i'm gonna blame on division 2. this live talk could have been handled so much better but w/e. at least i got to watch that paper cut out moon going through the different moon phases lmfao........... god
yuujinchous 22nd-May-2019 08:17 pm (UTC)
sorry for this long ass comment... i am a wordy person too i guess.............................
camouflagecat 22nd-May-2019 08:54 pm (UTC)
Don't worry I love wordy comments! Esp when they make a good point lol. I totally see what you mean re: Kim Sangjoon, I think that's what made it feel so weird all in all, even if it wasn't bad per se. Also got7 asked for him to host so?? I guess they really wanted to be taken more seriously this time around lol. He did feel a little wordy at times and sometimes they got stuck on things for too long, or then moved on too quickly in my liking. I think Jackson did very well here with his ice breaker personality, I wonder if he hadn't been there if they would've gotten the mood as relaxed (well, as much as they could lol) as they did. But yeah even while he did seem open to them joking, it was very clear everything was happening mostly on HIS terms and HE'S the one whose a veteran actor, but also very funny! But also a good host! But also very wise! And also the one with the last word! lol. And why did they spend almost 20min at the start focusing on just him when this is supposed to be all about got7? Yeah so could've been worse but also could've been better??
This whole cb has been so strange so far anyways so I guess this fits right in. He did say a few cool sounding things, like the quote I quoted lol.

Also we did get to see Jinyoung laugh freely plenty times so I appreciate that :')

Omg I totally forgot about the moon, I even made a time stamp for it initially but then I didn't notice the eclipse effect myself so to avoid confusion I took it out lmao, I guess I was too pre-occupied (also am I the only one who lol'd when they were explaining the moon behind them and when they were supposed to do it in different languages I thought they'd explain the eclipse effect happening on it, but then they just went "it's the moon" in different languages adgjkllkk)
yuujinchous 23rd-May-2019 01:06 pm (UTC)
yeah, i guess they asked him to host but did they also expect him to really talk so much? lmfao i really don't mean this in a shady way, i genuinely wonder whether everything he said was really on the script! and yeah, it definitely fits in with their theme of (in)security, wanting to be taken a little more seriously. towards the end, when they were all talking about what kind of group they want to become/want to be seen as, i was actually glad that kim sangjoon was there! because the atmosphere was so serious and it was honestly something i was interested in to hear them talk about and i think if it had been got7 only without a host, i think they would have tried to ease up the mood by making jokes or being distracting or something. which is not a bad thing but yeah, i'm glad they all got to talk about that in a proper and serious way.

yes, jackson was such a highlight of this vlive and he was very much needed here too imo! i was thinking the same thing while watching, about how good he is at breaking the ice and transitioning between fun and seriousness. they definitely moved on from things way too fast! like when they all introduced their songs, i feel like what they usually do is talk about them at length with the other members chiming in and stuff but this time, it legit felt like, idk a school setting where everyone said their rehearsed lines and then kim sangjoon is the teacher who decides when to move on and not. you're totally right about most of this vlive having happened on his terms! WHY did the segment at the beginning take so long omg like 30 minutes into the vlive i was like... what exactly are we doing here kfhdkfh

yes, jinyoung's free laughter is always appreciated! and he looked SO good in this vlive oh my god i really can't stand him

omg i think i might have to rewatch for that part you're talking about :o i must have missed them talking about the moon because i really don't remember lmfao
camouflagecat 23rd-May-2019 02:02 pm (UTC)
The moon part was a little incoherent imo lol I feel like they weren't sure what they were supposed to do and got7 is always a little all over the place when there's no clear guides to follow lol.

Jinyoung has been looking like a snack in all instances except the MV boo
lightframes 23rd-May-2019 04:20 am (UTC)
i was just a little sad at how little they got to talk about the actual album.

I agree, I want to hear more about the production of the album. I was agreeing with you in the other post about the auto tune in Believe, and today I have it on repeat lol
yuujinchous 23rd-May-2019 01:10 pm (UTC)
me too! the part with them talking about the album was way too short :o i mean i guess they talked about it in some interviews too but it's different watching them on video lol

lmao yes!! i usually come around for most of their songs too even when i don't like them all that much at first
nudrive 22nd-May-2019 09:48 pm (UTC)
I'm mad they had to do this live talk outside - they were obviously freezing their butts off.

Like show the moon at points sure but was it really necessary??????????

We didn't even get a performance so I kinda watched it just to stare at them in confusion bc I had no clue what was going on, sometimes there were subs? Very strange
daynr 23rd-May-2019 01:56 am (UTC)
Thanks OP. I am not very motivated to watch this so I appreciate the summary, and the length comments by omonians!
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