11:16 pm - 05/24/2019

🌀 GOT7 "ECLIPSE" TAPE (EDITED VER.) + Comeback Stage @ Music Bank + jinson vlive 🌀

(click screencap to watch video)

Jackson and Jinyoung stop by to do a surprise vlive
[summary]- they pull up mint candies named "Eclipse" and make a joke with it
- urge people to listen to the album and watch the MV bc the video is very good (😬), and mention the world tour several times
- really it's just Jackson working extra hard promoting anything with got7 & Jinyoung's drama
- Jinyoung reads a "two daddies and me" comment and clearly don't know what it means bc he doesn't react to it??
- they say they'll shoot many videos and upload them even if the promo period is short
- Jinyoung mentions JJProject 7th anniversary
- both of them make an effort to speak a lot of English
- they talk about learning and speaking languges (and how they haven't learned anything new and just keep using the same phrases lol)
- Jackson teaches words in other langugaes to Jinyoung and it's cute (Chinese, Italian, French, Russian)
- they talk about the difference between singer and actor schedules (singers work 365 but actors work really hard for their show and then get to rest)
- they both look great throughout and Jackson makes Jinyoung laugh out loud many times
- lots of moments where they just lean in and stare into the camera (reading comments)
- Jinyoung is growing out his hair to get a perm even tho fans say he should cut it who are these fans??
- they talk about hair styles (Jackson said ppl said his Lullaby hair looked like a pigtail (the one strand of hair at the front and everything else pushed back)
- they lowkey flirting read out compliments to each other
- there'll be no "remixes" at the concert
- Jinyoung's favorite song is Page and both of them love Jackson's part in it, and show a bit of the dance part to it (oh? 👀)
- Jinyoung's favorite color is blue bc of the ocean and Jackson's is red bc it's a lucky color
- both of them are allergic to cats
- Jackson watches Bollywood films
- Jackson hasn't seen Aladdin, Endgame, Pikachu or Captain Marvel (Jinyoung advices him to watch them in the early morning)
- Jackson brings up losing weight as a reason why he's more handome these days
- Jackson went to get his beard area waxed(?) before debut so it wouldn't grow but it didn't work, mentioned of Jinyoung adviced him on aftershave care and it helped lol

Source: KBSKpop 1 /  GOT7 1 2

What does Tape (edited ver.) mean? Who knows.

I don't usually post vlives bc tbh I don't watch them that much but a Jackson x Jinyoung live is always a sight to behold and they always talk about such random things/interesting tidbits (the summary is long but it's 30min so, lol)

@mod take this one instead, my first draft seemed fine in edit but maybe it works better now
camouflagecat 24th-May-2019 08:39 pm (UTC)
Am I the only one who finds it strange that they decided to post the seemingly not so special dance video of Eclipse wearing the SAME clothes they'd just worn in Music Bank? Like, at least give us an outfit change. Maybe I'm just extra nitpicky this era bc... well.

Anyways, on to more important matters:

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minah_aplus 25th-May-2019 02:56 pm (UTC)
Hearing Jinyoung actually lol gives me life

I swear if you hadn't pointed out they were wearing the same outfits I wouldn't have noticed. I might've just thought they went with the same color scheme lol. There isn't really anything that stands out about this era's outfits, which I am totally okay with tbh. Or it may be that I love seeing Jb in converse so nothing else matters
camouflagecat 24th-May-2019 08:44 pm (UTC)
Also Jinyoung looked amazing earlier today on their way to Music Bank

Edited at 2019-05-24 08:44 pm (UTC)
daynr 24th-May-2019 09:32 pm (UTC)
that hair outside music bank is only saved by seeing his forehead. Otherwise, when did a flat bowl cut become ok?
camouflagecat 24th-May-2019 10:00 pm (UTC)
It is when it's Jinyoung wearing it with a pair of snazzy glasses!

The hair transformed into extreme floof by the end of the day, maybe that's a better look

hpn88 24th-May-2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
The choreography needs recognition. Formations are amazing. Love it.

Wang gae! Park gae!
daynr 24th-May-2019 09:31 pm (UTC)
1. The summary is awesome.
2. Flirting? Do we all have thoughts on the boys being flirts with each other?
3. I have never heard of a man waxing his face, but it seems that could really just be because men are wimps. I've never heard of one lasering their face either. Again, wimps. (the screeching over manzillions, boys clearly didn't train up with menstrual cramps.) however, daily shaving is basically dermaplaning and keeps you looking younger, so embrace it boys.
4. Also, Jinyoung, facial hair is not per se bad. Unless you're is especially creepy-uncle-in-a-van esque, don't be so squirrelly about it. (of course, clean shaven looks better, but hair is not a character flaw or dirty.)
camouflagecat 24th-May-2019 11:04 pm (UTC)
Well the flirting was a bit of a joke, but an easy joke to make with how prevalent their, even if sometimes made in a joking manner, adoring remarks for each other are & the teasing eyes & banter & laughing. Idk let's pretend for fun lol.

Jinyoung is still quite adamant on not showing unshaven on broadcast, but since they keep making comments about it, surely they'd know fans are ok with it by now??

[& several more]

+ we HAVE seen his stubble, idk does he not realize this lol?

daynr 24th-May-2019 11:52 pm (UTC)
they all totally flirt, but who wouldn't? flirting is fun! they should flirt more! A few could develop their skills more, but those two are pretty good at it.

Maybe Jinyoung will surprise us all and take a shower with a half beard soon.
mortkero 25th-May-2019 08:40 pm (UTC)
I watched the vlive just for Jinyoung's close up

Jinyoung's Chinese sounds very natural and I love that he spoke a lot more English.

Jackson still has some of his cheeky style :)
myungung 26th-May-2019 02:17 pm (UTC)
still have no idea what tape version means. but I kinda like this set of outfits, cos it looks wearable.

so here for comeback shenanigans though, the boys look like they're enjoying being back together again!
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