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🌀 mini GOT7 round-up 🌀

(click image to watch video I love this screencap)

- they all individually talk about the songs and what makes them secure and insecure

Idol Room EP51 (1h)

OP's note: the subs are in the cc, but make sure to choose the "Canadian English" option from the settings to get the full subs!

- the member's reactions to Jinyoung's kiss scene in Psychometric and shows how he practised with Jackson (what on earth lol)
- they roast yugyeom for a long time about JUS2 and his friendship wth Jungkook amog other things
- they talk about the solo activities and individual popularity of the members
- JB having a hard time explaining the meaning of Eclipse lel
- the game where they try not to mess up their title track choreos around the 20min mark
- the fact check corner around the 29min mark and vote for a new temporary leader for got7 (intense)
- they try to catch toast in their mouth

Closet vlive (30min)
(click image to watch video I also love this screencap lol)

- they're in a closet, why not
- I lied, Youngjae's not there bc he was sleeping
- they start playing with the vapp filters and all the clownery breaks loose
- they play the syllable rhyme game (is that what it's called?) and create some very lame raps
- that's it, that's the vlive lol

also things that happened:
- Jaebum laying across Jackson lap and Jackson stroking him like a cat
- Jinyoung failing to be funny and being embarrassed
- Jackson saying in English "baby girl why you so mad, you can call me your dad" let's just cancel the English language all together at this point-

Source: GOT7 1 2 3 / KPOP Room 1 / gif

That dance practise is... one of the more bizarre things I've seen them do and I say that after seeing that equally confusing closet vlive as well. The monograph gave us better shots than what the actual teaser photos looked like smh (it's funny how the monograph shows a more mature side of them but everything else in this round-up is just clownery lol)

Tags: behind the scenes / making of, dance video/practice, got7, tv shows, v app
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