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Twice MegaPost!: Twicelight Tour Begins, Cover Songs, Performance at Akaraka, and More!

Twicelights Tour has begun! Here are some highlights from the Seoul concert:

For units, Mina/Jeongyeon/Chaeyoung/Nayeon performed "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, Sana/Tzuyu/Dahyun performed "Dance For You" by Beyonce and Jihyo/Momo performed "Goodbye" by Taemin

"Born This Way"

"Dance For You"


They also did a show for Akaraka

Also for fun comparison (and it shows their popularity is holding strong), 2016 version of Cheer Up vs 2019 version

and Finally, for some fun fan service, a youtuber named Carl Aragon put together a 'Neon Light Effects' version of Fancy's dance practice. It's pretty cool, check it out!

나연이랑(BTW), Dubu Piano(DFY), Dubu Piano (Goodbye),
Studio Parn (BTW), Studio Parn (DFY), Studio Parn (Goodbye),
boxgame_Cam (pt 1) boxgame_Cam (pt 2), HomeConcert Kpop, Carl Aragon

As a Twice fan I have a lot of thoughts I'll share in the comments :)) Feel free to discuss or share stuff from the Twicelights tour here!
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