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[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 4

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hallyujah 27th-May-2019 05:57 am (UTC)
Ok I'll try to summarize my thoughts:

-My fave moment was when that guy from Team Energetic was scolding Timothee Chalamet-rightfully so, for being shitty-and then Timothee invoked his dead ass Grandma and the guy's face was like "ohhh fuck I just yelled at grieving boy on camera" lmaoo.

-KIM YOHAN. Fucks me up every episode, I love him.

-KIM HYUN BIN. OP I was ranting in the last post how he wasn't getting enough love and you promised me he got lots of shine this Ep and you WERE NOT WRONG. #1 baby yasss.

-I really loved both Got7 performances. Like more than I love Got7 themselves lol. I thought Lullaby was going to win for sure, getting to perform twice + it's a really good song. But so happy Girls, Girls, Girls won. That performance was amazing. Everyone looked relax and enjoying themselves on stage. Byungchan stood out for me. And they were also all really good-looking.

-I really like Yu Vin and he deserves to be Top 11 but he has to be careful how he portrays himself on the show. I think he's just ambitious and confidence but he could set himself up for an entitled/cocky edit easily.

-Also thought BST was gonna beat No More Dream, just b/c of the difference in the songs' popularity but was glad to be wrong.

-Team Boss and Team Love Shot also stood out to me. Don't think Son Dong Pyo suited the song though.

-I still love Son Dong Pyo though. He is the Lee Daehwi of this season as young centre + Rachel Berry like ambition, but he's also very sassy and funny. True star, but also a smol bean.

-I think I have to abandon Kim Mingyu. He's pretty but honestly he makes Jin and RM look like Kai and Taemin. Not ready.

Edit: Also Dramarama was robbed; I'm really surprised how shitty Lee Mi Dam did in the on-site voting; Hangyul needs more screentime; I don't see why Eunsang is so popular really; I'm looking forward to it winnowing down to 60

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babyjenkski 27th-May-2019 06:47 am (UTC)
First of, I feel like I would enjoy watching PD X 101 with you!

I hope Yuvin doesn't become a Samuel and that his labelmate and fellow MyTeen member gets to shine here too. He's quite good.

I agree about Dong Pyo, he's little Daehwi in so many ways! I was laughing while watching Daehwi interview Dong Pyo in MCountdown last week. It's like Daehwi interviewing little Daehwi. Such divas!

I also thought Dramarama derserved to win that round. But National Producers love cuties so Wei Zi Yue's votes carried his team for the win.

Lee Midam got robbed! Also Kim Minseo of Team Deja Vu. I honestly want to hear Kim Minseo sing more coz his voice is so angelic!
froggster 27th-May-2019 11:00 am (UTC)
Once again there were some CHOICES with the onsite votes. Stop voting with your dick/vagina plz.
Dramarama team was robbed. Every guy that carried their team and was paid dust in te voting was robbed.
hallyujah 28th-May-2019 03:34 am (UTC)
Stop voting with your dick/vagina plz.

Literally everyone else:

Never! ;)
babyjenkski 27th-May-2019 11:31 am (UTC)
They air the latest episode in my country at 4PM KST Saturday through tvN Asia. So I was watching this on TV last Saturday and got my brother hooked LMAO (he's 46yrs old! I watch I Can See Your Voice and Superstar K with him and my other brother on TV and they love it). As in he watched the full 2-hour episode with me and had comments hahaha like he's so surprised Dramarama lost (His comment was "no pretty boy on the team that's why they lost"). It's interesting to watch it with him coz his comments are based on who he really feels did better.

Anyways...Love Shot, Boss, Clap are still my faves. Kim Minseo of Deja Vu should've gotten more votes coz I'd like to see him sing more.

Also, Team No More Dream will perform on M Countdown. It's part of their "prize" for having the best score on this episode.

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takeaxbreath 27th-May-2019 11:48 am (UTC)
This is my first time watching produce and I am just floored by how little the voting/ranking is based on merit. Did people with the same skill level as Eugene or Kim Mingyu actually make the final group in the previous seasons? At the same time, I'm a hypocrite and want them to keep my son Wei Zi Yue there as long as possible even though he is nowhere ready to debut lmao. At least he has a good singing voice.

I got into this for the Myteen kids and I'm so glad they haven't disappointed. I'm still not sure if I want them to make the final group tho considering they're the main vocals of their group.
froggster 27th-May-2019 11:58 am (UTC)
Did people with the same skill level as Eugene or Kim Mingyu actually make the final group in the previous seasons?
Yes. Every time.
weneedmedicine 27th-May-2019 03:57 pm (UTC)
- 7th Sense wasn’t the best song to showcase much of anything at all. I will say, Midam and Dongbin did well with what they were given.

- Like usual, Mingyu was awful. I hope by some miracle he doesn’t make it in the final lineup (along with 5 other trainees currently in the top 10)

- Don’t know why Eugene came on this show instead of riding that Sky Castle fame. He clearly has no real passion for singing/dancing.

- Zi Yue sucked, but his voice is actually really nice. He just has the stage presence of a wet fart.

- Dramarama was robbed. Really good performance. Both GOT7 and SVT teams did really well too.

- Yohan is great fantastic amazing etc. Deserves all the screen time and attention he’s getting.

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nekokonneko 27th-May-2019 05:34 pm (UTC)
Yoojin/Eugene's presence on this show is pissing me off now. It was clear from the first episode that he had no real passion or commitment to being an idol. He seems to be on the show just to capitalise on his drama fame to get into the final group because he could be more famous and make big money as an individual trainee. Which, okay, chase your bag, but he's pushing out guys with actual talent and drive in the process.

How does the voting work? Are you only able to vote for one person? It should be mandatory to vote for five people. That could help save some of the more deserving ones
150daysoffall 27th-May-2019 06:04 pm (UTC)
- I changed my mind about Mingyu. Boy needs to go even though he's super cute because Jeebus, he's bad ahahaha
- Hangyul needs more screen time :-( I hope he makes to the final line up but I doubt it
- I ship the 2 MyTeen boys. Hope both of make it
- Half of the guys in the Top 10 needs to go
- THE FUCK are those live votes?!

- Dongpyo
- Yohan
- Yuvin
- Kookheon
- Hangyul (God please)
- Kim Hyunbin
- Sunho

idc about the rest.
babyjenkski 28th-May-2019 02:17 am (UTC)
If you want to add to that list...please check out Cho Seungyoun (guy in royal blue suit for Team Love Shot)
shalottlady07 27th-May-2019 07:09 pm (UTC)
I’m hoping all those Sihoon reaction shots means MNet might start paying attention to him.

I was really surprised by Yohan rapping.
epona 27th-May-2019 10:17 pm (UTC)
I actually started tearing up when Gukheon was sobbing for Yuvin, geez that tugged at the heartstrings

It's funny because I can't even put it into words but somehow Yohan is just everything.
miuratenshi 28th-May-2019 02:02 am (UTC)
Some of the winning teams had me disappointed. I felt Adore U Team was a lot better than Clap Team, and Light Team > Energetic Team. I was happy that Girls Girls Girls Team won, but I also would have been happy if Lullaby Team won as well. Both were super solid units.

Deja Vu's Center was serving face. I hope he doesn't go home, but he probably will considering his rank is low and his team didn't get the benefit.

Boss Team was great! As usual Yohan has great stage presence. He continues to be my fave.
gigabytexx 29th-May-2019 07:47 pm (UTC)
I dont really watch this show but few times I saw my mom watched this in our cable, and I sat down with her too LOL

We both have the same favorite which is Yu vin. Damn he's so handsome, I like his face structures. He reminds me a bit of Exo Kai (but I think Kai isnt handsome), but he also has some part of Highlight's Dongwoon lol.

I hope Cho Seungyoun can make it to the final lineup/debut, I stan UNIQ up until Yuehue no longer promoting them, it was sad. Also other reason is maybe I can sell my signed Uniq album in higher price bec of him :P
babyjenkski 30th-May-2019 02:53 am (UTC)
I am cheering for Seungyoun! Initially because he's good friends with Kino (Pentagon) and Hyunsik (BTOB) shared in his IG story to support him. But seeing him perform, he's good!
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