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JTBC Confirms Cancellation Of Upcoming Talk Show Featuring CL

The production of a JTBC variety show featuring CL as a host has been canceled.

On May 28, several sources from the industry stated, “The production of JTBC2’s upcoming talk show ‘CL Nine’ (tentative title) with CL as a host has ultimately been canceled. The direction [of the show] changed while going through different stages of production, and both the production and CL’s appearance in the show were canceled.”

In response, a source from JTBC confirmed, “The production of ‘CL Nine’ was ultimately canceled. The production team is currently preparing a new program.”

Initial reports about the show first came out on May 6, when a source from JTBC clarified that the show with CL as well as Paris Hilton’s guest appearance were in talks.

This is just sad... like

source: soompi, tv report, naver
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