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Businessman Jho Low clarifies he met Yang Hyun Suk via PSY + denies receiving prostitution services

Malaysian businessman Jho Low has denied the reports that Yang Hyun Suk solicited prostitution services for him five years ago.

On May 27, “Straight” reported that Yang Hyun Suk and several high-ranking figures from YG Entertainment had been involved in soliciting prostitutes for two Southeast Asian investors in July 2014.

Several Malaysian news outlets reported that Jho Low was one of the investors in question, and Jho Low’s spokesperson denied the claims through the businessman’s U.S. legal representatives.

The spokesperson stated that Jho Low is friends with PSY, who was previously under YG Entertainment, and that he met Yang Hyun Suk through the singer. The spokesperson added, “He was never involved in, nor aware of, any conduct of the kind alleged in the MBC ‘Straight’ report.”

Source: Naver and MalayMail via Soompi
Tags: burning sons, yg entertainment

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