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Five foreigners linked to YG-Seungri sex scandal + PSY denies involvement in scandal

The sex scandal allegedly involving Seungri, a member of BIG BANG, an iconic K-pop band, is engulfing its incubator Yang Hyun-suk, founder of YG Entertainment. They were suspected of providing prostitutes for wealthy foreigners to draw investment to expand their business. Five of the foreigners have been identified by domestic and foreign media outlets. – ED

By Lee Gyu-lee

Thai businessman known as 'Bob'

SBS TV's "Unanswered Questions," an investigative program, first reported in March that Seungri invited a group investors from Thailand and Hong Kong, among others, to his birthday party in December 2017 and provided them with prostitutes. Without identifying them, it also reported that rapes occurred in the "Burning Sun" club, the management of which Seungri had been deeply involved in.

It was Thai media outlets that identified Chavanos Rattakul, also known as Bob, CEO of food fund company Origin Food and a director of St. Andrew's International School, as the Thai participant in the Seungri party and who allegedly committed the rape last December.

The victim appeared on JTBC's "Spotlight" investigative program to claim that she was drugged and physically abused after she refused to have sex with him. But he denied the allegations in an interview with a Thai TV program.

In the latest development, MBC's journalism program "Straight" reported his close links to YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk. It claimed that Rattakul was among the investors who received prostitutes from Yang in July 2014.

Fugitive Malaysian businessman

Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, 38, is the latest name to join the list of those linked to the scandal. MBC's "Straight" program reported that he was provided with a prostitute by Yang in July 2014, along with "Bob." Malaysian local media outlet Malaysiakini further reported, Tuesday, that Korean singer PSY introduced Low to Yang.

Low is on Interpol's wanted list on suspicion of embezzling billions from the government-run company 1Malaysia Development Berhad, using his ties with Malaysia's former Prime Minister Najib Razak. Low dated Australian model Miranda Kerr.

'Madam Lin'

"Unanswered Questions" revealed Seungri's business partner and close Taiwanese friend. Nicknamed "Madam Lin," she was one of the largest shareholders in the Burning Sun club, investing1 billion won for a 20 percent stake. She is suspected of money laundering through the club using her connections with Seungri.

She is the wife of a multi-billionaire who runs a casino in Macau. Taiwanese news outlets reported that she acquired her wealth from illegal online gambling sites.

Ferrari Prince

"Unanswered Questions" reported that a Japanese VIP was among those who received sex services at Seungri's birthday party, which was held in the Philippines in December 2017.

Koji Aoyama, who is suspected of being the VIP, uploaded multiple posts on his Instagram account denying his involvement in the ongoing accusations. He also said he is looking at taking legal action against Korean news outlets that covered the scandal and named him.

Several Korean news outlets have reported the VIP's identity as Aoyama, the CEO of Japanese construction company KRH and husband of a famous Japanese actress.

He reportedly invested in a couple of Seungri's businesses including BC Holdings and Aori Ramen. He is known as the "Ferrari Prince" for his hobby of collecting expensive sports cars.

Heiress to Spanish football club

"Unanswered Questions" also reported a suspected link between Singaporean socialite Kim Lim and Seungri. Lim allegedly was part of the group for whom Seungri procured prostitutes.

After the report, she said on Instagram that she has nothing to do with Seungri's sex scandal and will take legal action on any further reports mentioning her name.

Lim, 27, is the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim. He is one of the wealthiest men in Singapore and owns Spanish football club Valencia.

Singer Psy has denied any involvement in the recent scandal surrounding Yang hyun-suk, the head of his former agency, YG Entertainment. Yang who is alleged to have procured prostitutes for two foreign investors from Southeast Asia in 2014, claimed Psy introduced one of the two men to him.

The man is Malaysian fugitive financier, Low Taek Jho, known as Jho Low, an acquaintance of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. He is currently on Interpol's red list and is wanted by the authorities in Malaysia and the United States for allegedly pocketing billions of dollars from a state-run development company.

Via social media, Wednesday, Psy admitted that Jho Low was his friend.

"I met him when I was performing overseas and he was active in Hollywood. I introduced him to Yang. Whether he is a good man or not, it is a fact that he was a friend of mine," he wrote.

"When he and his acquaintances came to Korea, Yang and I attended a dinner at their invitation. We only ate and drank at the dinner and Yang and I left afterwards," Psy added. "At the time I thought it was only a gathering with friends from a faraway country. I'm sorry for causing stir with this case."

Yang, too, denied he had procured sexual services for the two wealthy businessmen, claiming only to have attended the dinner with Psy.

On Monday, MBC's investigative TV program "Straight" reported Yang had arranged a dinner party for Low and another investor from Thailand, known as Bob, attended by 25 women including 10 prostitutes, and offered escort services to them at the nightclub NB, which Yang is the de facto owner of.

Low also denied the allegations raised by the TV show through a statement released by his attorney in the U.S.

"Mr. Low is a friend of Psy, and through him met Yang Hyun-suk. He was never involved in, nor aware of, any conduct of the kind alleged in the MBC Straight report," the statement read.

Source: The Korea Times (1, 2)
pepsi_twist9 31st-May-2019 02:21 pm (UTC)
Who is Low? He dated Miranda Kerr? Totally not relevant to this but I just googled him and he has a pic with Leonardo Dicaprio. It's all very odd. If this becomes an international scandal I'm hoping more people are brought down. This isn't just a celebrity issue.
goshipgurl 31st-May-2019 04:11 pm (UTC)
I can't believe that they dated for real. I looked him up and... Mirana, girl.
lizanka23 31st-May-2019 05:03 pm (UTC)
he's not the only ugly rich guy she's dated. she must enjoy the sugar baby lifestyle lol
peachdrug 31st-May-2019 05:01 pm (UTC)
Jho Low is a fugitive businessman who perpetrated the huge global money laundering, 1MDB scandal that rocked the Malaysian and worldwide politics. Laundered RM4.2 billion of taxpayers' money for ex-prime minister Najib and his own use. You can google 1MDB scandal for more info.

If you're keen, the book Billion Dollar Whale explained his strategies, how he got these connections and fooled a whole country. He basically faked his way in NYC clubs and got himself conned these celebs into believing he's some sort of a royalty when he's not. He knew Leo Dicaprio and funded Wolf of Wall Street, in which ironically mirrors what he does. It's crazy lol pretty much put our country on the map with all the bad news.
pepsi_twist9 31st-May-2019 05:47 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the info. I don't think I've heard too much about this so it'll be a rabbit hole for sure
peachdrug 4th-Jun-2019 03:58 pm (UTC)
Yup! If you have netflix, Hasan Minhaj covers it in the latest ep of Patriot Act.
tungatunga 31st-May-2019 06:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks for rec! I had no idea that there is already book about it, and I wanted to find more about 1MDB as I missed the beginning of reporting on this case.
peachdrug 4th-Jun-2019 03:59 pm (UTC)
If you have netflix, Hasan Minhaj covers it in the latest ep of Patriot Act!
aures 2nd-Jun-2019 07:04 am (UTC)
WOW WOW WOW how do you go from orlando bloom to that???????/
aleksu7 31st-May-2019 04:07 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry to say it in spanish but... Hay más mierda aquí metía que en el palo un churrero...
Which means that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure we'll never know the actual truth about any of this and who's behind this at all.
rainstormraider 31st-May-2019 04:22 pm (UTC)
I'm not surprised by PSY, he had a reputation before he joined YGE too.
lizanka23 31st-May-2019 05:06 pm (UTC)
what was his reputation before? i hope this situation won't affect hyuna or jessi negatively since they're signed to his company now :/
rainstormraider 31st-May-2019 05:15 pm (UTC)
2 marijuana charges, 2 enlistments, hard-core "partier" with all that implies, the objectification of women in his music and media.
sglitzys 1st-Jun-2019 01:18 am (UTC)
I did not know this.
laranal 3rd-Jun-2019 07:39 pm (UTC)
lol not surprised he has a weed charge from after he came back from boston. happened to me too. we love our green here.
lil_poisonfrog 1st-Jun-2019 11:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah it seems like Gangnam Style cleaned up his image a lot but everyone should've known these men don't change
lizanka23 31st-May-2019 05:13 pm (UTC)
besides the terribleness of them acting as pimps "distributing" women their shamelessness about hoarding wealth is also disgusting. billionaires are despicable. they gain their wealth through shady means like money laundering, offshore tax havens, and shell companies and then hoard their wealth to themselves and cheat their taxes

Edited at 2019-05-31 05:16 pm (UTC)
daynr 31st-May-2019 07:22 pm (UTC)
This Madame Lin, if she made loads off of online illegal gambling, why get into in person pimping? I mean, obviously pimping and stuff, but clearly her appetite for risk and power and money is waaaaay different than mine. Obviously gambling can cause serious harm, but prostitution is so heavily tied up into trafficking and coercion/violence that it's really seeing the victims up close and personal, versus over the safety of the internet.

somewhat rhetorical, but I mean I can wrap my head around the so-called victimless crimes more easily than the ones where the victims are sitting right in front of you.
jaequeeragenda 1st-Jun-2019 09:31 pm (UTC)
Guess madame lin is a big believer in the higher the risk higher the reward logic~~
nefertitii 1st-Jun-2019 08:30 am (UTC)
miranda kerr out here dating the ugliest billionaires. hustling for that sugar baby lifestyle on the public stage. get money i guess
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