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Lee Minho's new drama!

After seeing how he treated his lover Geum Jan Di on the drama Boys Before Flowers, we all know he can’t possibly be gay. But he can at least fake it.

Its just been revealed that Lee Minho was cast to play the role of a gay guy named Jun Jin Ho in a new MBC drama, Personal Taste.

Jun Jin Ho is a perfectionist who decides to act as a homosexual to become the roommate of his crush, who only befriends homosexual boys. Jun Jin Ho also enjoys seeing his room abnormally clean and neat, and of course, enjoys playing with girls as well.

“The elegant image of Lee Minho, plus his unique charm is perfect to fulfill women’s fantasies and portray men’s true feelings. We believe his acting and charisma will attract many viewers.”, says a representative.

Lee Minho stated, “I apologize for the long wait. I think my strong desire to bring better acting made me wait even longer. I promise to return as an actor who is more mature and experienced for the viewers.”

Personal Taste is planned to air its very first episode in April of this year, so stay tuned!

source: akp

okay, so is he gay or straight? b/c the first time I read the article I assumed his "crush" was a guy :/
ps I changed akp's article title, lols.
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