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Lesbian and Bisexual K-Fans Choose Their Top 100 Favorite Female Idols

Happy Pride Month!! Lesbian and Bisexual Fans (K-fans from what I read) were polled about their favorite kpop idols, and they were able to vote multiple people. With 4,542 women participating in the poll and 18,776 votes in total, here's the list!


To Celebrate the Top 15, Here's some fancams to enjoy :)

1. Red Velvet - Seulgi

2. Red Velvet - Irene

3. Mamamoo - Moonbyul

4. WJSN - Seola

5. Mamamoo - Wheein

6. Mamamoo - Solar

7. Mamamoo - Hwasa

8. Red Velvet - Wendy

9. WJSN - Bona

10. Red Velvet - Joy

11. LOONA - Yves

12. Red Velvet - Yeri

13. Twice - SANA!!!!!! my forever favorite

14. Chungha

15. SNSD - Taeyeon

Tweet to Original List: @kimnonsan
Transalted List: Posted by user: 'u/VariousPackage' in the r/kpop subreddit

Videos: smile -wA-, MBCertain, Spinel Cam, K-fancam, 훌라 ~.~, MooMoo Licious, 24 More, M2, KBSKpop, Moderato, M2, ?? MABE, Mintbox, Mintbox M2,
MBCertain, M2 am0819 bn, WNC Joy WNC Joy, M2 chuutendo, 팔도조선 KPOP, 벤뎅이.VENDENGE, Spinel Cam Mera, M2
??Mix, DaftTaengk, Cris Roffet

Female Idol Appreciation Post!!! Discuss what you thought of this list, and feel free to post pics/videos/gifs of your faves, whether they're on the list of not :)
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pikapika217 2nd-Jun-2019 09:54 pm (UTC)
Hmm, only Yeojin and Vivi not making it from loona. Surprised Sunmi is so low in comparison LOL

Good to see Jessica & Kyungri hangin' in there and there's several WJSN girls too, bless
staaan 2nd-Jun-2019 10:09 pm (UTC)
red velvet in their rightful place as lgbt icons
lizanka23 2nd-Jun-2019 10:35 pm (UTC)
though i agree with the list for the most part i'm surprised "likes bottoms" yubin and "frequents gay clubs" LE is not on there. also it's too bad that there are no CLC or ladies' code members but i guess their fandom is not that big in korea, and the list skews towards younger fans voting. and congrats to seulgi being number 1 two years in a row!
dior_chic 4th-Jun-2019 01:09 am (UTC)
Yea where is LE???? She exudes confidence, I love that

rosiemotleymind 2nd-Jun-2019 10:57 pm (UTC)
Sunmi is queen of the Bis. I’m super surprised LE isn’t on here either to echo another comment.
aleksu7 2nd-Jun-2019 11:00 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised by some positions on the list... But yass girls anyway. Not my list but it's not bad (I guess there's differences between ifans and kfans). Look at my Loona girls comin thru 👯🌈🦄 Yves getting the girls not only in the loonaverse 😂😂

Happy pride month!!! 😘
ashdevilrun23 2nd-Jun-2019 11:04 pm (UTC)
top 10 is solid red velvet girls took it and even my bb yves is there🌈
justice for gain cause she awoke me sexually

Edited at 2019-06-02 11:05 pm (UTC)
belintuchiha 2nd-Jun-2019 11:09 pm (UTC)

Yessss. Gain should be higher tbh lolol

belintuchiha 2nd-Jun-2019 11:08 pm (UTC)

Surprise Gain is in the list cause most have forgotten her already but it was a nice surprise.

nana_the_dwarf 2nd-Jun-2019 11:37 pm (UTC)
Of course Yves is the first from the LOONA girls. Of course.
theweebdream 2nd-Jun-2019 11:58 pm (UTC)
Hell yeah 10 Loona members!!
weneedmedicine 3rd-Jun-2019 12:08 am (UTC)
This list actually isn't bad. Yves claiming her rightful spot as the first LOONA member
synatri 3rd-Jun-2019 02:03 am (UTC)
all of mamamoo and 4/5 of rv in the top 10? then 2 wjsn girls, get it tbh!

ngl i would stab someone to get solar's abs in the 2nd video still. guess all that pole dancing paid off.
myrrhcat 3rd-Jun-2019 02:19 am (UTC)
i would like to see this compared to the general population's answers. i'm guessing that a lot of female idols are popular among gay/bi women simply because they're... popular lol

(in before clowns show up asking why there are minors on the list)
hallyujah 3rd-Jun-2019 03:51 am (UTC)
Idk, I think Jennie would be way higher up on straight guys lists

Edit: I also think Tzuyu and Somi, both young, would be higher up a list where straight men gave their input.

Edited at 2019-06-03 04:00 am (UTC)
minyquai 3rd-Jun-2019 03:21 am (UTC)
what the FUCK hwasa
hallyujah 3rd-Jun-2019 03:51 am (UTC)
What you disagree? I'm not into girls but if I was i think Hwasa would be way up my list looks-wise.
markama 3rd-Jun-2019 03:36 am (UTC)
Well, nice list :D
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