4:49 pm - 06/04/2019

Crush leaves Amoeba Culture And Sets Up New One-Man Agency

Crush has left Amoeba Culture and set up a one-man agency. The artist has been with the label for six years, but he has decided to start fresh by establishing own agency.

Crush posted a picture with Amoeba Culture on Instagram along with the words, “Hello, this is Crush. As of June 4, I am leaving Amoeba Culture where I stayed for six years.”

He continued, “Every member of Amoeba Culture’s staff was someone for me to lean on when I was tired and sad, and also a wing for me to fly free with infinite support and affection. I started music when I was in middle school watching Dynamic Duo. I was able to learn and grow with them, who were my big idols and role models. I will always support and be grateful for Amoeba Culture that encouraged my new start.”

Crush added, “Now, I’d like to leave my beloved nest and make a fresh start as a one-man agency with my manager Hyun Soo. I will always try and be a singer who will keep my balance so that my new challenges can become manure in the journey of life, as I always have to do in the midst of joy and happiness. I hope you will continue to watch Crush and Amoeba Culture’s journey. Thank you.”


Amoeba Culture also released a statement on Twitter that reads as follows:

Hello, this is Amoeba Culture.

Crush, who has been with us for the past six years, is terminating his exclusive contract on June 4.

Ever since Crush joined Amoeba Culture in 2013, he has continuously grown through his passion and hard work for music.

Through joys and sorrows, we have been together to this day with a bond that is so close that we can’t put it all in the short term ‘joys and sorrows.’

But now, after much discussion and advice on his new experience and his concerns about the challenge, Amoeba Culture and Crush have ended the exclusive contract with full support regardless of the outcome.

Amoeba Culture will continue to work hard and always keep the door open for Crush, who faces a new future, based on the strong trust we have built.

We will also enthusiastically support his new departure and send unwavering affection for his start where he will write a new history. Please give lots of encouragement and support for Crush.

Thank you.

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honeebs 4th-Jun-2019 04:58 pm (UTC)
good for him

amog should pull him in.

thebloomroom 4th-Jun-2019 06:02 pm (UTC)
I love Crush so I wish him the best!
sjtaazrz 4th-Jun-2019 11:38 pm (UTC)
I knew this was happening with how freely he was talking about his contract ending soon and even the jokes about Dynamic Duo trying so hard to kept him.

I sucks that from Simon D to Zion.t and now Crush people keep leaving the nest of Amoeba but I wish them all the best.
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