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[ENG SUB] Produce X 101 - Episode 6 Position Evaluation part 1

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My 1-2 vote will go to Yohan and Junho or Seungyeon and Dohyun. Loving the friendship between Yohan and Junho its like Jaehwan and Minhyun all over again! Also, Seungyeon is such a nice kid always encouraging his team and very talented so I'm happy to see his rank going up. Hyunbin and Hangyul finally getting some screen time they truly deserve but Midam continues to be ignored by MNET. And finally, Wonjin really looks like Pentagon Hui!
dantethetaco 8th-Jun-2019 04:58 pm (UTC)
I think the only performance that I really likes was the last one :/

So, I didn't understand well the extra points part, the best trainee on each category gets 100.000/200.000 points and the x100/x200 points to the first in each team????

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babyjenkski 9th-Jun-2019 02:28 am (UTC)
Yup. The best trainee under the category of rap, dance and vocal gets 100,000 points. The best trainee under category X (rap and dance or vocal and dance) gets 200,000 points. Then first place trainees for each song (regardless if they're the top for rap, dance, vocals or X category...basically all first place trainees) gets their votes multiplied by 100 and 200.

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nekokonneko 8th-Jun-2019 07:35 pm (UTC)
I didn't recognise Sihoon by name but I do now and he was so robbed. Fifth? The fuck? I hope home voters at least give him what he deserves. Lee Hyeop was also robbed of first place in his team.

Hyunbin is my definite favourite, I guess. He's a good all-rounder and he did well in the song challenge. I'm surpised Yohan fell as much as he did, though he's still safe.
miuratenshi 8th-Jun-2019 09:38 pm (UTC)
Me when the popular trainees win even though they weren’t center and didn’t have killing parts.

To be honest, I think there needs to be at least one episode where the general public forms the majority of the audience (JYP’s Sixteen did this). Otherwise the votes will be skewed every time.

Griping aside, I really did enjoy a lot of the performances. Twit was my favorite and I really hope all of the member stick around. Finesse was really fun and they did an excellent job at showcasing Hangyul as Center! Yes or No had great energy and Me Before You was really pretty. I was surprised that Yohan came in last but Seongwoo did a great job so I was happy he Rank 1st.

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mayuyu 9th-Jun-2019 03:34 am (UTC)
IA so much about the general public being invited instead of fans. Onsite voting is just whoever has the most fans who get in wins. It's no fair because the benefit votes make a huge difference
mayuyu 9th-Jun-2019 03:30 am (UTC)
Seungwoo rise!!!!! Finally getting the recognition he deserves. The best performance of the night for me was Yes or No by far.
I think the rankings are going to change /a lot/ in the next few weeks now that more trainees have had time to shine.

Also I wanna say I am so sick of people saying "why is so and so crying so much" or "why does so and so act like a child/always do aegyo" when most of them are literally children lol. A lot of trainees who are being called cry babies or have "too much aegyo" are 16/17/18. How do yall expect them to act?

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babyjenkski 10th-Jun-2019 03:44 pm (UTC)
I watched this episode like 5 times already. Each time I finish watching it, I still have the same opinion as the first time I watched.

- Goodness some trainees are really babies. Then I remember BTS Jungkook 16, BTOB Sungjae 17, FTI Minhwan only 15 when they had their debut. Still, so young!
- Junho was bleh the first few episodes for me but I see a bit of improvement so I approve of whatever love/attention/votes he's getting. I always have this thing that people may be not so good at the beginning but if they show their willingness to learn/improve and actually show that throughout the show, I have no issues with them.
- Cheetah and Bae Yoon Jung were spot on with their comment about Seungyeon. What can he not excel at? He's talented (good dancer, singer and rapper plus he also composes/writes songs), seems like a pleasant person and nice to everybody. I would love for him to have his second chance by being part of this season's debut group.
- I have an issue with the songs. Not as impactful as the first 2 seasons but I'll wait til the 2nd part. Or maybe it was the delivery of those who performed. I did not see a lot of dancing from the Attention Team.
- Team Yes or No was the best for me (so far)
bloodtaki2 10th-Jun-2019 09:24 pm (UTC)

The screen distribution is really infuriating because I didn't know Hyeop existed before episode 6. Dude has looks and vocals, it's unfortunate he was basically non-existent before that. So many decent trainees I never noticed. There is a guy who reminds me of L. Joe but I don't know his name. Lol

Tony (or the other guys tbh) would have been a better centre imo.

I wish people like Seungyeon, Seungwoo and Baekjin could make it into the line-up. I also have a soft spot for Jinhyuk.

Wonjin's negative attitude is reminding me of Minju.

Hangyul claiming he looks scary when he looks stunningly handsome to me. Lol

I would have appreciated Finesse's choreo more if they zoomed in and out less. I feel bad for Sihoon who choreographed the dance. Furthermore, he had good parts so I don't get why he didn't rank higher. Same for You After Me. How did Ziyue rank higher than Yohan?

When a group is well balanced and did a good perf, I feel bad for those rankings because they all deserve it!

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babyjenkski 10th-Jun-2019 10:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was pretty surprised that Ziyue rank higher than Yohan for their team performance. Faves aside, I thought Yohan did good for his parts.

And I totally agree that the camera work sucked with Team Finesse. Actually, overall. Like during Team Twit's performance, the camera is focused elsewhere when it was Midam singing and I definitely got a bit dizzy during Team Yes or No performance.
bloodtaki2 11th-Jun-2019 12:39 pm (UTC)

It was so hard to focus during finesse. During rehearsal, they made it sound like Song Hyunjun was basically the second center but we barely saw him on camera. Sure, they adapted the choreo to highlight Hangyul more, which I appreciate, but it was so infuriating how the camera would quickly pan to the guy who is currently in the centre, but only the last two seconds of their parts before switching to something else. You could just catch glimpses of trainees or glimpses of the choreo. I went to watch Hyunjun because I could barely see what the guy did.

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