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Korean & Chinese Entertainment Book (Vol. 20) Interview - TAEGOON K-pop Town Special Interview

> Nice to meet you.
TG: Yes, nice to meet you. (smiles)
> Please introduce yourself.
TG: I'm Taegoon! I debuted on January 17th 2009. I did activities with "Call Me" for my debut and with "Superstar" for my 2nd mini album.
> Were your parents against you becoming a singer?
TG: They weren't against it, but they were very concerned. They are a lovely family for believing me.
> You triumphed over adversity and you're active not only in Korea, but also in Japan. How are you feeling?
TG: I'm so happy. I haven't sung anything in Japanese yet, but my album released in Korea will also release in Japan. I'm looking forward to it.
> What genre of music do you like?
TG: I like sad ballads and love ballads. I like songs that can touch my heart.
> For sad ballads, can you cry?
TG: I cried when I sang "As Insignificant As You" during my first event in Japan.
> Now you're in a hot spring town.
TG: I haven't been to a hot spring even in Korea, so I look forward to it. I also look forward to the big bathtub because I've never seen it..
> How do you feel if it's a mixed bath? (Men and women bathing together)
TG: (shyly) It's real?!

> Aren't you happy?
TG: I can't take a bath, feeling ashamed to be happy!
> I heard you'll show your real self today. What is your own character?
TG: Mmm.... I have a great desire. I think a lot on my own and I do my best for everything that's up to me. But I don't say that it'll go alright and that I'm reliable....that's different.
> Can you speak Japanese?
TG: I studied some standard greetings like some phrases during a meal. I'm studying hard, but Japanese is so difficult.
> I heard that having a Japanese girlfriend is a big help for studying Japanese. Is it possible for you?
TG: Of course, it doesn't matter if I fall in love with her..
> You could meet the girl today?
TG: Haha...
> Do you like hats?
TG: I love hats. I like any hats or caps.
> What color do you like?
TG: Red and black.
> Are you passionate?
TG: I don't think I'm passionate, but I get energy by seeing red. I like red visually.
> What's your favorite food?
TG: I'll eat anything~
> Do you like sweets?
TG: I like sweets, but if I eat them, I must work out, so I don't eat so much..
> Which do you like better, tea or coffee?
TG: I like tea better. If it's coffee, I drink black coffee.
> Are you a smoker?
TG: I used to smoke, but when I debuted I promised to the company president that I'd never smoke.
> Do you use perfume/cologne?
TG: Yes, I like cool and fresh fragrances.
> Which do you like better, sexy or pretty?
TG: I like both. I also like stuffed dolls.
> Do you believe in fortunetelling?
TG: Sometimes, but it depends.
> Please give a message to the readers.
TG: I'm doing my best in Korea and also in Japan. Please support me even if I can't do it all successfully..

* During this interview he's always smiling and sometimes flushed honestly. He wrote his signature with a message in small cute letters.

Source: onlytaegoon
Translation: Emiko @
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