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Police recommended non-indictment for Kim Hyung Jun’s sexual assault case

On June 11, a source from the Ilsan Eastern Provincial Police Agency revealed that the police forwarded Kim Hyung Jun’s case on suspicions of sexual assault to prosecution with a recommendation of non-indictment due to a lack of evidence.

The police started investigating the case at the end of March after a woman accused Kim Hyung Jun of sexually assaulting her in May 2010. In response, Kim Hyung Jun filed a lawsuit against the accuser for false accusation and defamation. The singer also strongly denied the allegations during questioning by the police, saying that the relationship between the two was consensual.

A source from the police stated, “After investigating [the case] based on statements from both parties and what allegedly happened at the time, there was no evidence that [proved] the accusations [are true]. As a result, [the police] decided to [forward the case] with a recommendation of non-indictment.”

Kim Hyung Jun debuted with SS501 in 2005, and he enlisted in the military in 2017. After fulfilling his mandatory military service as a conscripted police officer, he was discharged last December. In March, he released his single album “Snap Shot.”

Source: Naver via Soompi
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