5:00 pm - 06/12/2019

2019 BTS FESTA Day 10: BANGTAN Attic + Day 9: BTS Profile 2019 Version

mallmouse 13th-Jun-2019 08:51 am (UTC)
I actually dont want to be right. I genuinely hope im reading too much into this. But l can't be sure I'm not right either. Time will tell i guess.
dallinferno 13th-Jun-2019 10:39 am (UTC)
Yeah and no one is asking you to read into it and preach it like it's facts ... People in this fandom pick up things quickly (even just some speculation) and spread it as if they were facts.
scleroticdentin 13th-Jun-2019 11:18 am (UTC)
Yeah i think you are reading way too much. Like jin turning his back to v when he is speaking. I think its because he was talking about v and how he changed etc. In the video when they were making comments about other members (in serious mod) they didnt look at each other at all because of the awkwardness. Like when jk talking about rm and rm looked away and even flinched lol. I agree with that they always interrupting tae when he is speaking but it isnt intentional or i dont think tae cares. Whats really different is that i think tae changed sooo much. Like he matured a lot and he is more laid back now. 2013-2014 tae is dead. He was so energetic and bubbly or he was like that on camera. But he is more quite and sensitive right now. Its simply he matured because of his age and probably some things happened in his private life like everyone else. And i agree with members that he is exactly like himself on and off camera right now. Beacuse of that we can see him in bad mood or uninterested in some videos. Or like he looks like doesnt want to be there or interact with anyone. And members dont really push him when he is in that kind of mood and give him some space.
zanbam 13th-Jun-2019 01:17 pm (UTC)
If it's any consolation, you're probably not right. To quote my English teacher 'Poor understanding of source material and juvenile analysis. D+'
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