5:00 pm - 06/12/2019

2019 BTS FESTA Day 10: BANGTAN Attic + Day 9: BTS Profile 2019 Version

ostsiberia 14th-Jun-2019 05:00 pm (UTC)
Idk about other speculation, but to me it's clear they love each other very much. Like people were saying Taehyung is ignored by the hyungs when Jin and Yoongi in a recent BTS Run episode were the first to defend Tae's directing decision when JK (while honestly trying to be helpful) was undermining Tae's choice. I don't think they are 100% chummy and affectionate all the time, but I think they love each other.
scleroticdentin 15th-Jun-2019 09:42 am (UTC)
Yeah i remember that moment they defended him immediately. You know all the kpop groups promotes themselves as families. And we also know that its just for their image. But if you want me to choose one group that i think their bond is real that would be definitly bts. But of course time will tell us whatever is true or not.
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