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YGE denies that Yang Hyun Suk attempted to influence “A”’s testimony about B.I

On June 12, KBS News reported on the suspicion that Yang Hyun Suk may have attempted to influence the testimony of “A.”

“A” is an individual who was arrested on charges of smoking marijuana in August 2016. During “A’s” investigation, the police found a KakaoTalk conversation between “A” and B.I in April 2016 that suggested B.I was attempting to purchase drugs.

Following Dispatch’s report on the above, B.I announced his plans to leave iKON through a statement on Instagram. YG Entertainment later confirmed that B.I has left the team and also terminated his exclusive contract with the agency.

The Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency, who is now facing heat on whether the police properly investigated the messages that they found after arresting “A” in 2016, has released a statement on possibly reopening the investigation into “A” and B.I.

The initial Dispatch report also included the suspicion that Yang Hyun Suk might have influenced “A’s” testimony. “A” initially said that they had delivered LSD to B.I in front of iKON’s dorm in May 2016. When questioned by the police again, however, “A” changed their testimony to say that while they had discussed the possible purchase of drugs, they did not actually obtain any drugs for B.I.

In YG Entertainment’s response to Dispatch, the company stated that “A” had lied about B.I actually receiving drugs and that Yang Hyun Suk had met with “A” only to correct their testimony.

In their June 12 report, KBS News reported statements from someone they describe as a key source related to the case. This source states that the day after “A” was questioned by police, Yang Hyun Suk contacted “A” and asked for a meeting at the company office. The source further claims that Yang Hyun Suk pressured “A” to change their testimony about B.I and personally appointed a lawyer for “A.”

KBS News also interviewed a police officer who was involved in investigating the case. The police officer stated, “The lawyer was different from other lawyers. They went through every word of the person’s testimony. It was over the top.”

The police officer continued, “‘A’s’ behavior had also changed. Their behavior was unnatural. The first thing they said to me when they came in was, ‘I’m sorry, Detective.'”

KBS News went to interview the lawyer involved in the case, but they refused to give a response and said, “You know that there are attorney-client privileges about confidentiality. I can’t talk about this.” When the reporter asked about Yang Hyun Suk, the lawyer told him to leave.

YG Entertainment issued a statement saying that they only met with “A” to check their testimony about B.I and that they had not pressured them to lie nor hired a lawyer for them.

Source: KBS News via Soompi

I’ve said this before but someone on Dispatch must really hate YG’s crusty ass lol
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nekokonneko 12th-Jun-2019 04:49 pm (UTC)
In YG Entertainment’s response to Dispatch, the company stated that “A” had lied about B.I actually receiving drugs and that Yang Hyun Suk had met with “A” only to correct their testimony.

"only"? the possibility bribery or threats or blackmail aside, isn't that still tampering with evidence? like, even if yhs sent this guy a polite text asking if he was super duper sure it was b.i. and the guy was like 'omg, i met so many clients that day, it might not actually be him' that's still meddling with an on-going investigation?
xoxkenzxox 12th-Jun-2019 04:50 pm (UTC)
Image result for park bom eating corn gif

YG doing the most to help all these males idols...
bubble_monkey9 12th-Jun-2019 05:00 pm (UTC)
yeah, no one believes that. anyways just shut down yge. no one will miss their 2014 teddy beats anyways.

also, who conducts their drug deals over kakaotalk and expects to not get caught.. what kind of idiot
adlyeith 12th-Jun-2019 05:07 pm (UTC)
He really does the most for his male idols, hm? Look at how that's played out for him now.
scionofawhisper 12th-Jun-2019 05:27 pm (UTC)
Shut up YGE, we know the truth. You are full of bullshit, especially YHS.

Considering the way BI left YG, it's clear the heat from everything is actually getting to 'em. :3
rainstormraider 12th-Jun-2019 05:59 pm (UTC)
Their credibility is incredible! Amazing! It must be true if YGE said so!
Seeing as how the Burning Sun investigation is wrapping up and the police have absolved themselves of any wrong doing, nothing will come out of this.

The only thing that will work is if there is an agency wide boycott and if the stocks continue to fall. All these people care about is money so the only way to hurt them is by ensuring that investors are afraid of giving YGE a chance.
timetobegin 12th-Jun-2019 06:29 pm (UTC)
That person at Dispatch is doing THE LORDS WORK

Also the amount of people I'm seeing on insta coming to BI/YG's defense are not surprising but nevertheless super gross wtf
mntsuklaa 12th-Jun-2019 07:13 pm (UTC)
I wonder how many more scandals Dispatch needs to release before YGE falls completely

A lot of ikon fans on twitter were also hoping to see YG burn, mainly because (according to the tweets) YG terminated BI's contract without letting him know beforehand and then made him post his goodbye letter on insta.
Although that was hours ago and I haven't checked in a while, so the opinion could've changed.
soyunatetera 12th-Jun-2019 06:44 pm (UTC)
Do they have any credibility left by now?
kcaomei 12th-Jun-2019 06:46 pm (UTC)
back in the day i used to call YG a dumpster fire but now he's more like that sinkhole that's been on fire for the past 48 years
blck_ink 12th-Jun-2019 06:52 pm (UTC)
lol to correct their testimony aka illegally pressure A to change their testimony. i don't really think this will lead to the end of yge but i bet they're nervous af. i would love to be a fly on the wall when dispatch and yg are talking...
adenar 12th-Jun-2019 07:08 pm (UTC)
All their excuses sound like something out of a spoof article. It's hard to remember I'm not reading the onion or something

'We called prostitues just for socialising' 'we didn't tamper with witnesses, just corrected their version of events' do they think these sound even remotely believable or are they just so used to getting their own way? Or a bit of both?
kimbafierce 12th-Jun-2019 07:17 pm (UTC)
from the texts between A & BI the dealer seem to know yhs on a personal level, may even be one of his dealers. so cut the bs u ugly creature and be gone forever.
benihime99 12th-Jun-2019 08:20 pm (UTC)
lbr, dispatch is shit, BUT I hate yg more
So take him down dispatch, you can do it
dull_and_wicked 12th-Jun-2019 08:22 pm (UTC)
i’ve been waiting for the witness tampering part of this BI drama to garner more attention lol. sure you only “checked his testimony” that just happened to change after whoever from YGE met with him
hallyujah 12th-Jun-2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
"Your Honour, I didn't witness tamper. I merely met with them to correct their testimony!!"

Karma for enabling your shitty male idols for so long. Seungri maims YHS, but it might be B.I. who finishes him off mwahaha.
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