5:08 pm - 06/13/2019

Netizens sign petition asking to ban activities of YG Entertainment artists

With the recent controversies at YG Entertainment, petitioners have spoken up to request the suspension of the activities of the agency’s artists.

In a government petition that was posted on the Blue House’s petition bulletin board on June 12, the original petitioner wrote, “YG Entertainment celebrities are constantly getting involved in drug and marijuana cases and should stop their activities on all broadcasts.”

They continued, “YG Entertainment houses a large number of idol singers, actors, and entertainers. There have been countless drug scandals recently. To say that these are just suspicions, there are too many drug scandals occurring in one agency, which points to a serious problem inside the company.”

Lastly, they added, “They need to be stopped from their activities on all broadcasting media, and a thorough internal investigation on the agency must be conducted.”

On June 12, Dispatch reported that iKON’s B.I was accused of attempting to purchase drugs. Following the news, B.I departed from the group, and YG Entertainment confirmed his departure from both the group and the agency.

Source: Nate via Soompi
dior_chic 14th-Jun-2019 12:22 am (UTC)
Lmaoooo I’m sure some people believe that.

I get it, especially viewed with in a ‘moth to a flame/watching a trainwreck’ type of way, but even with ad block on they’re seeking out YG content. I want nothing to do with YG, so I’m going to get nothing out of trying to watch Somi’s stuff, even to make fun of it. Hell I basically forgot Lee Hi made a comeback since I completely ignored it. I know my view on this isn’t exactly norm though, I can’t force others to view it the same way.

Just saying, it would be nice if smaller groups got this same attention...
kimbafierce 14th-Jun-2019 02:13 am (UTC)
Guilty as charged your honor.
Does my attempt to avoid giving them a view by downloading the video give me any points?
dior_chic 14th-Jun-2019 02:26 am (UTC)
Hahaha hey that is a lot better than outright watching it on YouTube

Yea I won’t force anyone to view it like I do, you’re still an awesome member here and there’s plenty of members I like in that post 😅 that’s just how my brain rationalizes stuff though
kimbafierce 14th-Jun-2019 03:59 am (UTC)
Nah I totally get your point 100% and tbh usually I'd ignore whatever's coming from YG's dungeon especially if I suspect I may like it. But I was curious to see if they'd try something fresh with her, something that isn't typically YG. I overestimated them, tho. and I'm back to muting their existence.

And honestly I do think it matters, it gives them traffic, pumps them up search engines, generates hype.. etc
so your brain's pretty rational.
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