5:08 pm - 06/13/2019

Netizens sign petition asking to ban activities of YG Entertainment artists

With the recent controversies at YG Entertainment, petitioners have spoken up to request the suspension of the activities of the agency’s artists.

In a government petition that was posted on the Blue House’s petition bulletin board on June 12, the original petitioner wrote, “YG Entertainment celebrities are constantly getting involved in drug and marijuana cases and should stop their activities on all broadcasts.”

They continued, “YG Entertainment houses a large number of idol singers, actors, and entertainers. There have been countless drug scandals recently. To say that these are just suspicions, there are too many drug scandals occurring in one agency, which points to a serious problem inside the company.”

Lastly, they added, “They need to be stopped from their activities on all broadcasting media, and a thorough internal investigation on the agency must be conducted.”

On June 12, Dispatch reported that iKON’s B.I was accused of attempting to purchase drugs. Following the news, B.I departed from the group, and YG Entertainment confirmed his departure from both the group and the agency.

Source: Nate via Soompi
reader17 14th-Jun-2019 12:43 am (UTC)
I don't think all of the artist are into drugs and the little bit I read (Only two articles) it sounded like he was thinking of doing it but didn't. Which I still don't get why he would leave if he really was innocent. I do wish they would investigate YG but I really do not believe all of the artist he has, is involved with drugs and other criminal actions. Just because one or two of them are doesn't mean they are all.

Example I know I guy where I used to work and was friends with him, found out he was stealing money from the company I never knew it until they fired him. They never pressed charges because his Mom and Aunt worked there and they didn't even know he was doing it. So if your Mom and Aunt don't know that he was doing wrong, how do we expect all of the artists that are there to know that he is doing wrong. Sometimes only a select few know that are also involved. That is why I do agree that the company needs to be investigated, but I don't think all of the artist should go down with them.
kimbafierce 14th-Jun-2019 02:22 am (UTC)
in the msgs leaked, he actually say he's buying from "A" cuz they did drugs together. So nope, he pretty much did take drugs.

The point is, it's always YG's idols who are involved in drug scandals, and when that happens it's accompanied by suspiciously unfair treatment; lenient sentences, cover ups, no investigation at all.. etc. So it's clear why knetizens want the whole company investigated. It's not just about drugs, it's about corruption.
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