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soshi to have encore concert in february

Popular girl group SNSD is holding their encore concert on Feb 27th and 28th at Seoul Olympic Fencing stadium. After that they are starting their Asia tour with Shanghai concert from April

SNSD who have finished their first concert very successfully have dominated awards from Golden Disk, and Melon.

In response to this, SM said "We are holding Encore concert to appreciate fan's love and their request to watch the concert again"

This concert is expected to be more perfect and great chance to experience 9 different charms of the Girls.

translated by 탱구♡ @ SSF

Shaking and crying. If all goes well, I might actually get to go! This is happening really soon after their first concert, though...


"The tickets start going on sale on the 21st on www.gmarket.co.kr.

This concert will be a family-friendly concert and you can purchase family ticket packages of 3 to 4 tickets starting the 18th via phone." - AKP
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