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[Closed] Omona Contest: Best of underrated girlgroup [nomination post]

We're taking a break from the underrated queens serie to start a new contest as suggested by aures
This contest will have 5 categories

  • Best MV

  • Best Stage (for a title track)

  • Best album

  • Best Concept

  • Best song (B-sides are ok)

The rules are simple
✨ This is an underrated GG contest
❌ No boys
❌ No soloist
❌ No co-ed
❌ No candidate from the big 3 (YG/SM/JYP)
✔️ Disbanded GG are ok
✔️Sub-unit, duo, trio are ok

✨ Include only one group & category per nomination. Please include their names, the category & the song/MV/concept...  in the title
If you feel like one song can compete for several categories you must make multiple nomination.
side note: A concept can be illustrated by a MV, dance video, making of...
Each nom must include a video: no video, no valid nomination
Edit: for the album category, a spotify playlist, or a highlight video is enough.

✨ Go through all the nominations to check if your fave hasn't already been nominated.
If so, add +1 under the original user comment.

✨ Number of nominees is limited to 16 per category.
The quota does not apply to categories that received a low number of responses.

The nomnomnomination round is open until tuesday night

Tags: !omona exclusive

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