8:53 am - 06/17/2019

Leo - Romanticism M/V

Right now it looks like the video is only available on Naver TV (link in tweet)

Source: @RealVIXX, Naver TV
921227 18th-Jun-2019 06:23 pm (UTC)
I was not prepared for this!

T&S was like, understated sexy, while this is full sexy. That chair choreo, oh my word, I knew he had it in him! I love that he used his like... idk loud voice? instead of his softer one, its great (its hawt!) I love the choreo and the outfits and his hair!! I'm also surprised by the amount of English, its unexpected, but it works all the same!

I am anticipating the live stages!!
lightframes 19th-Jun-2019 04:23 am (UTC)
I think the lives will be really good. I loved the chair choreo, too! I really liked the blue scene and the beach scene.

Everyone on Twitter was so confused about how to stream this lol. First it was uploaded on Stone Music and taken down, then RealVIXX didn't upload until the next morning lol. I guess Jellyfish really wanted everyone to focus on Naver views.
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