1:56 am - 06/18/2019

Max Changmin, Till I Find Shim Changmin - on sellev.

changmin sits down with sellev. to talk briefly about his journey to find himself, dealing with depression and feeling lost, especially with regard to his job as a singer/idol.

source: sellev.

this is a really nice, open and truthful talk, albeit short. really quite relatable and comforting.
scionofawhisper 17th-Jun-2019 11:12 pm (UTC)
He didn't even enjoy dancing or singing.. :o whaaa. How can one work so hard for something one doesn't even like. That's... crazy. lol. I wonder if he can't be someone like Brian McKnight since he doesn't actually love what he does? XD Not that it makes him any less amazing in his own right.

What are those weird shaped balloons at 1:42 supposed to be?
jaequeeragenda 17th-Jun-2019 11:18 pm (UTC)
Sounds like me, i dont like my job but i have insane great work ethic and dont like to under perform so im always on top, so i can understand haha
dongsaengkiller 18th-Jun-2019 12:01 am (UTC)
He is so talented and has such an incredible work ethic. I love that the result of all his reflection led to more self compassion
paoktsou 18th-Jun-2019 09:25 am (UTC)
ok, i love him
daynr 18th-Jun-2019 08:24 pm (UTC)
This was interesting, and I hope it helps people.
mandm13 19th-Jun-2019 07:11 pm (UTC)
I've always loved his honesty. I think he elaborated more on this topic on a program I watched a few years ago (I don't even remember which program it was), and ever since I've come to appreciate more all his efforts and how he has managed to come to terms with a career that he didn't want to pursue in the first place.
hillando 20th-Jun-2019 03:44 pm (UTC)
Changmin is such a weirdo, but I really admire his work ethic and the way he articulates and how he looks at the world. (He has such a unique way of talking, like he puts in more words and advanced grammar than needed to make his sentences more...I don't know if 'careful' is the right word. Basically the way he constructs sentences is the opposite of blunt, haha. As someone who is still learning Korean it's interesting to hear how he speaks, since I am still kind of stuck in the 'say it bluntly because I don't know the grammar/vocab well enough' -stage.)

I was born in the same year as him and I remember when TVXQ debuted I was really impressed that a fellow 15-year-old was already making a name for himself while I had no idea what I wanted to be. He's been my ultimate bias since then, lmao /cool story bro
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