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KBS variety show “1 Night 2 Days” is aiming at visiting the South Pole for a shoot in March, according to the show’s producer on Tuesday.

“We haven’t set a detailed schedule yet but are laying out our plans with March in mind,” Na Young-suk told Asia Economic Daily over the phone.

He added cautiously though, that the date may be pushed back since it is not easy coordinating the schedules of the cast composed of singers, comedians and actors. “We’re having a hard time setting a time frame because it’s not easy for everyone to push back or miss out on all their other activities for two whole weeks.”

“1 Night 2 Days” is the first of a two-part weekly show titled “Happy Sunday” starring hosts Kang Ho-dong, Lee Seung-gi, Eun Ji-won, MC Mong, Kim C and Lee Su-geun. The six go on the road to travel to various locations throughout Korea which are relatively unknown to the general public.

“Happy Sunday” is the most popular show on television in the non-drama category with its ratings recently hitting the upper 20 percent range. The show won the award for best TV program at the year-end 2009 KBS Entertainment Grand Prix.

Lots of rumors and press articles regarding this particular trip in the last few months.  PD Na made it official today with his announcement to the media.  1 Night 2 Days is in the midst of preparing for their Antarctica trip, tentatively to start in March.   The members openly discussed about the trip during the last episode, a very good sign that things are being ironed out successfully.   This will be one trip to remember guys!

sources: 1n2dfansubs + 10asiae + hkn24
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