11:24 pm - 06/22/2019

GRACE hosts ALEX REID (ex-Rania) on her YT Channel

Grace (of Unpretty Rapstar & this excellent song fame) uploaded a new Youtube video, where she talks to her good friend Alex Reid (ex-Rania) about joining Rania, dating male idols, the truth behind her departure & racism in the industry.

source: Grazy Grace

This is definitely worth watching, gives some insight into the madness of Rania and how the whole experience was for Alex.
goshipgurl 23rd-Jun-2019 02:13 pm (UTC)
same, i wonder who it is. must be someone that promoted at the same time as rania and is at least semi-fluent in english
sjtaazrz 23rd-Jun-2019 11:29 pm (UTC)
Just looking at some of those reaction videos for Music Core (when the artist reacts to their performance and the next artist comes out right after), she was promoting along with cross gene, beatwin,sf9, vromance, vav, nct dream, ravi, pentagon, nct127, up10tion, seventeen, and monsta x. And that's just me skimming the artist list for this one show. I remember people making a big deal out of her saying something about liking(?) Bang Youngguk, then he ended up following her on Instagram and fans shipping heart went wild.

We'll just have wait for some kind of tell all because I have no idea.
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