11:24 pm - 06/22/2019

GRACE hosts ALEX REID (ex-Rania) on her YT Channel

Grace (of Unpretty Rapstar & this excellent song fame) uploaded a new Youtube video, where she talks to her good friend Alex Reid (ex-Rania) about joining Rania, dating male idols, the truth behind her departure & racism in the industry.

source: Grazy Grace

This is definitely worth watching, gives some insight into the madness of Rania and how the whole experience was for Alex.
sjtaazrz 24th-Jun-2019 12:29 am (UTC)
We don’t really know the reason why the managers are going into the bathroom with them though

I remember there was some blind item or anonymous retelling of female managers that went in the bathroom to make sure the girls were having their periods (and not pregnant). I can't remember the rest of the info from that post/article, but that stuck out to me.
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