4:56 pm - 06/23/2019

Monsta X Trespass-port: Wonho loses passport while travelling to Malaysia


  • Monsta x had travelled to Malaysia for their concert

  • When they landed all the members were able to get through but Wonho was stuck as he had lost his passport

  • Some fans stayed with him as he waited for hours on a verdict
    as to what he had to do

  • In the end he had to fly back to Korea to get a temp passport to fly back down to Malaysia

The Malay fans got to see the Shownu's
solo version of 'Mirror' though that is usually a unit stage with WonhoWonho also posted some messages on their fan cafeKihyun also apologised for Wonho's absence at the concert.They hosted a Vlive where Wonho also apologised
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baekpedaling 23rd-Jun-2019 09:51 am (UTC)
Poor boy, he probably felt so bad and worried about his lost passport. Hopefully he just dropped it somewhere and no one stole it.
scionofawhisper 23rd-Jun-2019 11:17 am (UTC)
I saw pics and photos of him on twitter yesterday at the airport and it made me so sad. t_T

Out of all idols wonho so clearly seems to care about and love his fans. T_T Sucks for everyone, but shit happens. Hopefully he doesn't it let it get to him too much. He always seems a bit depressed and dark to me, so.. idk. Hope he's okay.
4walls 23rd-Jun-2019 03:21 pm (UTC)
aw wonho :( he's always so sweet to fans, i'm sure this was upsetting for him.
theweebdream 23rd-Jun-2019 05:51 pm (UTC)
OP I’m cackling at that edit

I saw a video of him wandering the airport and he looked really sad. I feel bad for him, I can’t imagine having to deal with losing your passport (I think I would have a heart attack if I lost mine, especially in a public place like that).
audiograms 23rd-Jun-2019 06:09 pm (UTC)
Rookie mistake on his part but it does happen. I hope he doesnt beat himself up too much
shazz_chan 24th-Jun-2019 06:49 pm (UTC)
Poor boy full on Namjoon'd <3
Hope he doesn't beat himself up too bad about it, shit happens unfortunately.
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