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Monsta X Trespass-port: Wonho loses passport while travelling to Malaysia


  • Monsta x had travelled to Malaysia for their concert

  • When they landed all the members were able to get through but Wonho was stuck as he had lost his passport

  • Some fans stayed with him as he waited for hours on a verdict
    as to what he had to do

  • In the end he had to fly back to Korea to get a temp passport to fly back down to Malaysia

The Malay fans got to see the Shownu's
solo version of 'Mirror' though that is usually a unit stage with WonhoWonho also posted some messages on their fan cafeKihyun also apologised for Wonho's absence at the concert.They hosted a Vlive where Wonho also apologised
Source twitter OfficialMonstaX loudminhyukmx MyHoneyLovee booqijae booqijae hyungwonope skrr47113999 SanYas_X514 illyalily
Tags: #monsta_x, #monstax, #몬스타엑스, monsta x, overseas activities, solo activities
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