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95-Line Male Idols Stars on CUBE TV's Reality Show

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Teen Top’s Ricky, model Baek Kyung Do, and former Boyfriend members Minwoo, Youngmin, and Kwangmin will be appearing in a new reality show!

On June 19, Cube Entertainment released 9.5-second teasers for the upcoming reality show, which will star a bevy of male celebrities born in 1995.

The clips began with the words “Year of the Pig,” “born in 1995,” and gave viewers a peek at the roles and charms of each member.

The teasers introduced Yook Sungjae as “the quote maker of the 95s” who finally got to escape from being the youngest member, Minwoo as the “95s truth bomb,” Kwangmin as “the energizer of the 95s,” Youngmin as “the brain of the 95s” with quiet charisma, Baek Kyung Do as “the variety newborn of the 95s,” and Ricky as “the cutie of the 95s” who is the most active.

SOURCE: CUBE TV and Soompi

Sungjae is that powerful force and source of craziness that CUBE is willing to produce a variety show for him and his friends LOL I am excited for this! I've been waiting for variety shows for BTOB and PENTAGON I'll take this for now =)
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