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MBLAQ Lee Joon's tears, surprise hidden camera at a cold filming atmosphere!

In Idol Army season 5, MBLAQ's ace Lee Joon falls into a trap of a hidden camera which made him cry.

MBLAQ did a parody of the drama "Queen Seon Deok", the concept was to complete missions given to them (while doing the parody).

This filming was a hidden camera set up for Lee Joon to fall into the trick he wouldn't have expected.

While completing the missions, like hitting some special hard gourd with the head, and shooting arrows using the feet and etc, Lee Joon went through all the difficulties without a single word of complain.

However, it all started when he received cold comments from the members he trusted. Whenever they failed at the mission they would find fault at Lee Joon, making the atmosphere very cold. To bottle up his feelings, Lee Joon would keep going to the back of the stage alone and just stare blankly at the script.

Eventually, leader Seunho made comments like "That's not the way to do it", making Joon really upset. In the very cold atmosphere, Lee Joon barely had to straighten out his feelings and continue with the filming.

Finally when the members revealed that it was a hidden camera, like a girl, Joon's tears came rolling down as he lie above Thunder's knee.

You'll be able to catch Lee Joon's warm tears on Idol Army season 5, 13th January, 6pm.

Source: Paran
Translation: whatthecheryl@absolutemblaq
Video source: abmshows@youtube
Tags: mblaq, tv shows
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