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PURPLEBECK Debuts With "Crystal Ball" MV & Dance Covers

PURPLEBECK is a new 5-member girl group from Majesty Entertainment, the members range from '97-'01 liners. I learned from the youtube comments the members are interactive with fans on Twitter so it has helped them build a small loyal fanbase (fan club name is Becky) already which is pretty cool! The company also had the members do some dance covers to showcase the group, they're included under the cut.

Full group cover:

This cover features Layeon - vocalist:

These videos feature Yeowool - the main dancer and leader:

This cover features Yeowool, Seyeon - lead dancer/rapper/maknae, and Mini - vocalist

Source: MUSIC&NEW 뮤직앤뉴,
Dance covers all from Majesty Ent: See Sea, April Story, Fools, Dance Like We're Making Love, Instruction
Tags: dance video/practice, debut, music video, nugu
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