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[2010.01.13] Mir's Cyworld Diary Entry

There is something that Jihoon hyung had always told us when we were trainees..
"When you boys debut my scolding will seem like nothing compared to the scolding of the public"

Since the day I was born nothing had been scarier than Jihoon hyung's punishing, I couldn't understand what he had said. However after we had debuted, the words of the public.. each of them had went through my mind. All the words of those who had scolded us really opened my ears, listening carefully to reflect upon them.

Now looking at our videos after first album activities, I apologize to everyone.

Working hard for us, our company staffs, our producer-nim Jihoon hyung, our family who is closely there supporting us, our fans who give us great strength, and to everyone else who takes deep interest in us, to everyone I apologize.

I could have really worked harder to meet satisfaction but I did not and even looking at myself I think that I'm lacking.. how would others think, I will keep that in mind while preparing for the 2nd album and think hard to myself "I really need to do well". Starting from now, I will keep in mind of all the efforts and suffering from that time in a positive light and really practice like crazy to show everyone and receive love, I want to become that type of person as MBLAQ's Mir.

Source: Mir's Cyworld
Translation: 양삼주 @ absolutemblaq

Tags: cyworld, mblaq
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