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YG explains why B.I was not credited for composing Eun Ji Won's "Worthless"

YG Entertainment has responded to concerns over B.I not being credited for a song he participated in on Eun Ji Won’s new album.

On June 27, Eun Ji Won released his solo album “G1,” which contains a total of nine tracks.

Fans discovered that track No. 4 titled “Worthless” sounds the same as a song that B.I previewed via V Live as a demo he had produced. However, B.I’s name is not included in the credits for “Worthless” in the tracklist.

In response to comments regarding this matter, a source from YG Entertainment confirmed via JoyNews24, “‘Worthless’ is a song that was co-composed by B.I and Millennium.”

The agency source explained, “B.I’s name was not included on the tracklist due to his personal request, but he will be registered to the Korean Music Copyright Association as a writer of ‘Worthless.'”

Source: @soompi, Joy News 24 via Soompi
Tags: ex-group members, ikon, yg entertainment
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