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Police have records that YHS arranged for prostitutes+informant says 4 more artists at YG use drugs

"Police have obtained records that confirm Yang Hyun Suk facilitated prostitution...we're reviewing the statute of limitations"

According to a report by JTBC's "Newsroom" on the 27th, police reportedly questioned attendees from Yang Hyun Suk's dinner party in July 2014 and have obtained confirmations that he arranged for prostitutes at the event.

Newsroom revealed, "Police obtained immigration records and were able to confirm in the process that Yang Hyun Suk arranged for prostitutes for the foreign investors. Currently, the statute of limitations for the alleged prostitution charge expires this July, however, a police official told JTBC that the limitations could be later than currently known and are currently reviewing the process."

An informant is alleging that four other people abuse drugs at YG Entertainment.

Lawyer Bang Jung-hyun, who had previously revealed drug allegations about iKON member B.I, made an appearance on "Kim Hyun-Jung's News Show" on CBS Radio on the 25th. The public service attorney relayed a conversation he had with an informant regarding drug abuse at YG.

Bang Jung-hyun said, "I have no clear evidence but when I first saw Hanbin's message that he wanted to purchase the drugs to become a genius I became curious whether this was the culture at YG. I asked the informant about it and he said that he can explicitly confirm that there were four other people that did drugs at YG. I asked him whether they were famous celebrities and he answered "yes" and replied that "they're also currently active as artists under YG."

[Netizen reactions][+1,887, -29] Please let's not be distracted by the song couple divorce news.
[+1603, -47] Don't call them artists. Call them what they truly are. clowns. Real artists don't produce art for the sake of money and fame~
[+1,443, -27] Only four?? I doubt it ㅋㅋㅋ
[+86, -1] Seungri went to a high-end spa with a woman yesterday on the eve of his prosecution extradition. Chairman Yang sent a message to MBC 'Straight' reporter saying his investigation was going to be finalized soon and yet he wasn't even on Nate's trending search. If they don't receive any punishment from the law and Seungri enlists in the military they better live their lives quietly!!
[+71, -2] Only four right now because the others haven't been caught yet...
[+62, -12] Seungri and Big Bang learned it all from Yang Hyun Suk...he set the example..
[+57, -10] They must be so grateful to the Song couple ㅋㅋ
[+50, -10] What about that kid with the GD disease?? ㅋㅋㅋ you know, the one that bleaches his hair a lot and lost a lot of weight recently? ㅋㅋㅋ
[+49, -1] Probably quicker to find someone who hasn't done drugs there..
[+49, -2] Yang Hyun Suk is a drug dealer that does music on the side...

source: naver, nate, dailynaver 1 2
Tags: burning sons, court / legal issues, yg entertainment
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